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At Repeat Logo we love to hear from other experts and are always on the lookout for guest authors to share their graphic design, logo and branding experience with a wider audience on our blog.

Interested in writing for us? Find out more below:

What type of content do we look for?

We’re looking for great quality content from out guest writer and aim to be at the forefront for reputable knowledge for graphic and logo design. What kind of content are we looking to publish?

  • Everything and anything related to graphic design, company logo design and branding.
  • Do you have hints and tips you’d love to share with others in the industry? This is a great platform to show off what you know.
  • Do you have tried and tested methods you can’t keep to yourself? We’re open to sharing any industry-based content.
  • All content should have relevant images, infographics, screenshots, etc. to illustrate your text
  • Unique titles and thoughts – we don’t want to publish carbon copy repeats of previous articles.
  • Above all, it’s got to be interesting! If you’re proud of it, we’d love to share it.

Writing Quality Expectations

When writing a design blog for repeat logo, here’s what to take into consideration:

  • Keep it friendly yet professional. We love conversational content.
  • Don’t include irrelevant text. We look for our writers to get straight to the point.
  • A minimum of 1000 words, but an article with more is better.
  • Back up any claims you make by citing the sources.
  • No client links; links must all be relevant to the article
  • Maximum of 2 links per article.

Contributor Expectations

When contributing to the Repeat Logo blog we have some expectations of you:

  • We need you to have passion for graphic design and logo creation. Our community thrives on passion, so communicate that your share this with a great piece of written text.
  • Include an author bio and add links to your social media accounts
  • Keep in touch with commenters about your article. This is greatly appreciated by your readers and positions you as a go-to expert in your field.

Why share your content with Repeat Logo?

You can benefit from contributing to our blog in a number of ways:

  • You will receive full credit for the hard work and effort you’ve put into your article
  • We love to share your posts on our social media platforms
  • We will link to your professional Twitter account (@repeatlogo ) to gain you full exposure for you and your graphic design article.
  • We love graphic design. If you’re looking to share your knowledge in a place that shares your passion, this is the place for you.

Contact Us

If this sounds like the somewhere you want to share your passion and knowledge of the graphic design industry with us and other designers then we can’t wait to hear from you!

Email us at info@repeatlogo.co.uk with your author bio and content in either Word (.docx) or PDF(.PDF) format. Alternatively please use the contact form below:

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