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Top Tips for Creating a Professional Business Logo Design

Top Tips for Creating a Professional Business Logo Design

The main aim of a professional business logo is to tell your current or potential customers what your company stands for, to let them identify with your brand. It also reflects the quality of the products and services you provide, and has an utmost importance in increasing the awareness and knowledge about your business among your target audience.

Our professional logo designers at Repeat Logo are experienced with logo design so if you want to create a business logo design for your company at an affordable rate then we can help. Here are the top tips our professional logo designers follow when they create a business logo design.

Understanding the brand

A key requirement when you create a business logo design is clear understanding of the brand, the brand values and the target audience. Good professional logo designers focus on building an understanding of the brand before producing a design. This is central in establishing a clear communication between the brand and the designer and the brand and the customers. The process of understanding the brand involves a thorough research of the brand characteristics and the previous designs employed.

The simpler, the better

To allow for easy recognition a logo must be simple and memorable. This could be achieve through the use of unexpected or original elements in a creative way, but without over complication of the design.

Can you recall it?

A key requirement for a successful logo design is memorability. The target audience need to be able to recall the logo and associate it with the brand. This tip is closely related to the simplicity of the logo.


Endurance is key

When you create a business logo design you should ensure that it can endure the test of time. This means that it should have the potential to stay effective even in 10, 20 or more years. If this is not achieved a process of re-designing the logo might be required which in the long term increases your costs and the risk of diluting your brand.

Good logos are versatile

When you create a business logo design you should ensure that it works across a wide variety of mediums and applications. The logo should look professional at any situations and should be applicable for different backgrounds and uses. Therefore it is essential for you to have a few versions of the logo that are interchangeable and tailored to the specific needs of your organisation.

Is your logo appropriate?

Never forget that your logo is targeted at an audience and is reflective of your business. Therefore, there needs to be a match between these. A logo needs to be appropriately chosen, with attention to detail and must appeal to your current and potential customers.

Learning from examples of good practise

Small businesses rarely have the opportunity and resources to extensively test the appeal of their logos to the target audience. As a result it is often a good advice to look for examples of successful logos within your industry or among your competitors, to identify what makes them appealing. This insight is extremely useful and cost-effective, as compared to conducting a market research.

Avoid the clichés

Using clichés to create a logo design might seem like a good idea, but would eventually actually lack originality. For example light bulbs for ‘ideas’, speech bubbles for ‘discussion’, globes for ‘international’ and so on, are ideas that often come to mind but lack uniqueness.

Use a matching font

The font used in the brand logo is just as important as the shapes and colours employed. They bring different feelings and resonate differently with the target audience. In this sense it is not just about looking pretty, it is about matching the brand qualities with the font.

Work with Repeat Logo

These are just a few of the tips the professional logo designers in Repeat Logo follow to create unique, outstanding designs that match your business needs and resonate with your brand values.

If you are ready to get your professional custom-made logo created, contact us now and we will help you get the brand recognition your business deserves.