Top Logo Design Trends For 2019

Each year some trends get acknowledged while others surface to position themselves among the best ones. Running behind trends is something that will make your foundation so weak and fragile. The best way to stay updated while grounded on a smooth base is to innovate. All the big giants who now are making fortunes have learned this secret and embraced it in a way that has proved to be the reason for their massive success.

Undoubtedly, the digital landscape is full of competition where each rival is battling to top the list. For a designer or a marketer, it seems hard to breathe in such an oversaturated market, but there is always for innovation. You just have to look for a single loophole or vacuum present in the market to capture. If you become able to conquer that spot completely you will be able to step closer to a progressive journey.

Same happens in logo designing, as the year 2018 bids us goodbye, new opportunities arise to excel in the field and to experiment on various principles and designing techniques. Here is a list of top logo designing trends for the year 2019 that can help you get an expert look on the techniques that are expected to flourish.

Variable Logo Design

In 2019, the trend that is going to be adopted greatly is variable logo design. In this era, brands are aware of the fact that their logo is going to get displayed on multiple platforms and in various manners. So, to make their logo able to show its full potential on whichever platform it is displayed, designers will flow the technique to create a variable logo design. Designers will have to use special iconology and thoughtful customization along with dynamic typography that looks appropriate on various platforms.

New Age Geometry

New Age geometry is the trend that got transformed after designers begin to create extra intricate geometric logos. A year back, geometric logos were skyrocketing with fame; however, due to the extra-complicated technique used to create them, many customers avoided getting a geometric logo designed. But in the year 2019, some modernization is expected to arrive. Now the geometric logos are created in a way that simple concepts and principles are used to sketch the logo. The various shapes with colours added to enhance the outlook are preferred.

Logos That Trick Viewers

The drive to produce an instant attention-grabbing logo seems to have introduced a completely new way to indulge viewers. Gone are the days where you can only think of creating simple logos just to make them easy to grasp. Now to enjoy the centre stage you have to come up with a technique of designing where it takes a moment for your viewers to analyze what the logos is. Designers are creating interesting 3D logos or fonts written in a creative manner, which do not deliver the meaning in the first glance. If you care to throw the second glance, you are half way through to getting converted smartly into a potential customer.

Purposeful Color

Storytelling is something that has always been a part of logo designing. Now to add a story you do not have to search for elements or icons. You can do that just by using colours more appropriately. By blending different hues, you can spread the rich message or meanings. You can highlight the core essence of your company and the traits of its services. The smart use of colours is the prominent pillar to make a successful logo. By choosing the right colour palette, you tend to communicate your brand more efficiently. You attract the target customers and leave a print in their mind that stays for longer.

Emotional Connection

In the year 2019, establishing an emotional connection would be the prime concern of experts, as it will help them achieve their goals. If you get succeeded in creating a strong bond with your customers you will be able to enhance online presence and convert potential customers. Use colours, elements, free logo design tool or integrate a compelling story into your design that can attract viewers and connect them emotionally.

The Overlapping Effect

It is predicted that the use of bright overlapping colour is going to be seen more in the coming year. The technique is used in creating a logo where two objects overlap showing a third aspect of the logo. It is a smart use of negative spaces as well a creative attempt to sustain the attention of viewers. You have to practice synthesis and integration of knowledge when working on your logo.

Final Verdict

In the quest to create attention-grabbing logos do not forget to keep your customers the most important aspect. You must understand the needs of your customers and the purpose of your company when sketching the design.


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