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Top 15 logo design trends in UK for 2015

Top 15 logo design trends in UK for 2015

Creating a good logo design should be a top priority for any business, small or large, as the corporate logo is the symbol of the company and the first association potential and existing customers make when they think about a certain product or service.

A good logo design is affected by many factors. These include social, cultural, technological and even environmental, as these have an effect on the industries companies operate in. To create the best logo design in UK we continuously follow these factors. For 2015 we identified the most influential factors affecting logo design trends to be:

Children and adolescents becoming drivers of change

As the young generation is increasingly more adaptable and open to new ideas and developments they make up a very strong group of influencers in the market. They are usually following the trends and know what the next big thing is. This group predominantly used mobile devices with smaller and smaller screens, which drove designers to adapt to ever decreasing parameters and smaller screens when creating a custom logo design.

This is opposed to some technologies on the market continuously growing, like the Apple iPhone for examples. However, even these devices incorporate small symbols and icons in their design. This requires designers to create new iconography, with a different visual dynamics that is more appealing to the new generation. One solution is the use of mono-line logos which seem to be increasing in popularity and is considered an example of good logo design.

Interest in design, creativity and visuals is increasing

Good news for designers is that more and more people are becoming interested in visuals and designs. This has resulted in a lot of content being shared and discussed on different platforms which increases the engagement of the audience and creates more work for the designers. The importance of a good custom logo design is much better understood now than a few years ago.


All technological innovations keep evolving and developing with time, which requires continuous adaptation for both the market and the designers. The possibilities of new methods of advertising coming to the market through new devices are some of the biggest challenges for designers and companies. In terms of logo design in UK, these innovations will require more responsive and versatile custom logo design.

Now, that we have discussed the main factors affecting the logo design in UK, we can go to our list of top 15 logo design trends.

1.Dot Tips

One current trend in good logo design is the use of dot tips at the end of the lines within the custom logo design. The addition of balls and circles to the lines gives more weight to the design and makes it look softer. However, these should not be used extensively as they might make a business logo look cluttered and overwhelming.


Using contours to highlight elements of the logo design in UK is becoming an increasingly popular trend. These employ different gradients, contours and shadows to underline elements of the custom logo design which strengthens the brand message. These could also create an optical differentiation, which is extremely useful in stressing at separate elements of the good logo design.

3.Concentric patterns

This trend takes advantage of pattern generation and the ability of the human brain to complete the pattern even if it is provided only partially. The concentric lines enable the pattern recognition, allowing for the creation of volume and space within the custom logo design.  Such lines used in corporate logos are often twisted or looped to create a more dynamic picture. They could often be presented against a dark background or using neon colours to make them stand out more.


Using sparkles in the logo design in UK is something many designers actually avoid. However, the use of a four-pointed star is increasing in popularity in good logo design. It brings the feeling of happiness and associations with sparkle, twinkle and glitter. It can also be created from different elements and successfully be incorporated in the custom logo design.

5.Pick-Up Sticks

Pick-up sticks are often used to create randomness without any pattern on predictability within a custom logo design. This trend allows the generation of a completely unique business logo which to some might resemble nature patterns. It also offers a confrontation in a way, as it rejects the orderly nature of many other logo elements, and through this challenges the customer.


The use of colour is of extreme importance in logo design in UK as it creates a different feeling in the target audience and transmit a different message. To achieve the best results a controlled palette should be used, with colours that work in harmony and do not look overwhelming to the target audience.  However, trends in colour might change very quickly, just like colours in fashion. That is why even the season in which a custom logo design is created might have an effect. Of course there are all time classics, which companies generally go for due to the colour being well-accepted. One such colour is blue used in many corporate logos to convey the meaning of professionalism and calmness.

7.Circle Break

Using a circle break is also a very popular logo design trend in UK. This could be easily described as a pie chart which centre has been taken away, leaving the coloured wedges on the perimeter. These kind of bands could bring the meaning of seamless process, perfection and continuity and adding colour to them, only strengthens the message of this good logo design.


A trixelate refers to the combination between triangular shapes and pixels. In this sense, a logo following this trend incorporates floating pieces and diverse scales to portray motion and to leave a dynamic feeling. These pieces could be right or equilateral triangles, but never both types together as this combination could introduce chaos.  This technique could be used to tell a story, especially if different colours are combined with different levels of transparency.


Incorporating photos in the custom logo design is something that in recent years has been well-accepted. Photos could be used to send a symbolic meaning by replacing a sketch or a graphic and are usually blended with some other graphic components. This fusion between the reality of the photo and the imagination introduced by the graphics results in a very grabbing and strong message.


Introducing rays or vectors in the custom logo design, which emanate from a central point, creates a glowing effect that is spread within the logo. In 2015 many companies adopted this logo design trend, resulting in a great diversity of corporate logos. Used in a small scale rays soften the image, providing a subtle gradation.

11.  Naive

The trend of using naïve is characterised by incorporating an animal within the custom logo design. These could be black and white or could use colours, but are generally kept simple and uncomplicated. These benefit from their accessibility and simplicity as a consumer might feel as if they could create this logo design themselves.

12.  Coded

Coded logo designs have a pseudo cryptographic feeling around them, which creates a mysterious feeling and encourages the customer to decipher the logo to find the secret message of the company. Most of these combine rounded elements or elements with eased tips which introduce a range of colours from monotone to rainbow.

13.Chroma Coaster

A chroma coaster is a single continuous swerve or line that is twisted around the custom logo design. It often relies on line breaks or shadows at intersections to strengthen the image, and to enable the easy read of the logo design. The colour could be opaque, transparent with shadows and highlights, creating a 3D aspect or simply an outline. This good logo design conveys a feeling of activity and vibrancy.


Introducing small details into the custom logo design could bring extra meaning and strengthen the message. These could be used as background or decoration, to reflect different patterns or simply introduce a more aesthetically pleasing design. To the consumer these communicate attention to detail, delivering strong felling of awareness and skilfulness.


Introducing shadows and shades in the custom logo design attracts a lot of attention and could be used to underline key elements. They demonstrate substance and sometimes drama or nostalgia. This trend, despite its popularity in the past, is still attracting a lot of attention from designers nowadays, which makes it a timeless design solution.

Following these 15 logo design trends in UK requires a lot of attention to detail and professionalism. At Repeat Logo we are well-equipped to deliver on these expectations. We offer custom logo design to UK companies and organisations at an extremely affordable rates and within a short time frame.

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