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Corporate logos are intended to be the ‘face’ of the company, it is the first thing that a customer will spot. Logos are displays of a company’s unique identity. They provide the customer with initial information on the company which allows the customer to identify the company’s core brand. Good logos should be instantly recognisable, drawing in past, present and potential customers. A great logo has the ability to provide a sense of meaning about the company or industry.

Logos should appear across the whole brand; through their website, stationery, and advertisements. For this reason, it is understandable that a well-designed logo can contribute to the success of any business.  Here, at Repeat Logo, we can offer you a professional logo that meets any requirement.



Company Logo Design

At Repeat Logo, we can produce any style of logo that you require and with the help of our professional logo designers, we can specifically design the logo to your requirements.  It can also be created in any format, including; Adobe Illustrator, EPS, CMYK TIF (300dpi),  RGB JPG (150dpi), GIF (72dpi) and any other file formats which you may require. As well as this we can make your logo any size that you required, to accurately meet your needs.

If you choose the Advanced Package you will receive five crafted logo design concepts that have been developed to precisely meet your brief.  After the initial five concepts have been sent and you have chosen which concept you want to develop further, we offer nine logo revisions with this package, meaning that if there is something you would like to change regarding your logo we will do so, to your specific requests and ideas. We love hearing from you and listening to any suggestions that you may have about your logo design. We will not complete your company logo design without you being 100% happy with it. You could purchase this package, here at Repeat Logo, for only £119!

When Will You Receive Your Business Logo?

We promise to be in your inbox within 24 hours and then aim to get your logo design concepts to you within 3-5 working days. We will assign you with your own personal project manager that will see your company logos design progress and will keep you updated via email. Your project manager will be with you 100% during your logo creation, so will be able to communicate to them any worries or changes that you might have.

If you are hesitant about what you would like your logo to look like, there is no need to worry. If you provide us with as much information as possible about your company and what it stands for, then we can develop logo concepts designs that best match your sector of the industry.

If this package does not meet your needs, we do offer two more logo design packages that might be more appealing to you; our pro package and our enterprise package. Go over and check them out.

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