Here at Repeat Logo we want to provide each one or our clients with a refreshed brand image and a great logo every time. We have completed projects from a wide range of sectors, from Health to IT. This time around, we found ourselves taken on a new client in the form of West Herts FM. This added to our ever-expanding portfolio of Radio Logos. As a brand new radio station, they were looking to create a new brand which would help them make the breakthrough in this competitive industry. Local radio stations have to compete with their much larger national competitors, however, they have a niche and a community spirit that cannot be rivalled. West Herts FM was looking to provide a brilliant new community radio service which should grow popular as the business goes from strength to strength.

One way for us to help West Herts FM succeed was to provide them with a fantastic new logo.


West Herts FM came to us looking for a logo for their new radio station, to help them build a brand image and gain listeners as they progress as a business. Within the sector, there is fierce competition between stations, and West Herts FM needed to stand out. The logo which we were to create for them needed to show their community spirit, while also being modern and eye-catching. A brilliant logo paired with an effective marketing campaign is just the combination that new businesses really need when they are starting out.

A logo design is the first impression that a potential customer, or in this case listener, will get of your business. Therefore, it needs to reflect the business and its services. It needs to be bold, bright and memorable.

This is what West Herts FM came to us for, and it is what we endeavoured to provide them with.


The first step that we always take here at Repeat Logo, is to do our research. Our research takes us into looking at trends in the market, the demographics and preferences of our target audience, and in-depth competitor analysis. All of this goes some way to informing us about what our client needs to do to attract listeners and stand out from the crowd.

Our second step is always to work as a team to brainstorm ideas and begin formulating what we think the final product should look like. We can begin making rough sketches, trying out new ideas and playing about with colours, structures and typefaces. Once we have devised what we think will be the most effective logo ideas for the client, we begin to create a nearly finished set of designs. It is from this set that the client can begin to input with revisions or final decisions.

When West Herts FM have decided on a favourite logo option, we make the final touch-ups to the logo to ensure it is as clean-cut, sharp and high quality as we can possibly make it. We then proceed to provide the client with the package of images, all ready to be applied to their marketing materials and social media platforms.

West Herts FM allowed us to gain more experience in the world of Radio Logos. Get in touch with the Repeat Logo team today if you would like to hear more about the Packages we have available.

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