Our focus at Repeat Logo is on great logo design and a revitalised brand image for all of our clients. Every project we take on with a new business provides us with a new challenge and a new chance for us to get the creative juices flowing to create a new logo. We have had experience working in many sectors, however our most recent work with West Herts Digital was an addition to our small but growing portfolio of Radio Logos. In the entertainment sector, it was important for West Herts Digital to get a logo that was modern, eye-catching and bang on trend. Having a radio station that is targeted to one community means it has to stand out next to all the big national stations, so we needed to come up with something truly great for the team at West Herts Digital.


Due to the truly competitive nature of the Radio and Entertainment sector, it was important that West Herts Digital had a fresh, new brand image. As a new company starting out, they need to hit the ground running with a brilliant marketing campaign to build brand awareness. This needs to be centred around a fantastic logo, so this is what we needed to provide.

The logo in question needed to reflect the nature of the business, as well as contain some key features of the new business, such as the brand name and the radio channel. This will allow them to get their name and channel into people’s minds through their marketing. We wanted to use bold colours and a simple design for this logo so that the key features became the brand name and image.


Whenever we take on a new client and project, our first point of call is to ensure we have an extensive knowledge of the market. Due to the nature of the business at West Herts Digital, this meant we wanted a knowledge of brand images for radio stations both nationally and then locally. This allows us to look at competitors and envisage how West Herts Digital can stand out within this market.

We look into the trends within the audience base too, to see what works for potential listeners, and of course what doesn’t. Then we begin conceptualising logo ideas for the client, brainstorming and pulling together sketches as a team of what we think will work for West Herts Digital. From here on, we begin to refine our ideas and bring a group of ideas to the client for feedback and any revisions that may be needed.

Once West Herts Digital had a chance to review their logo options, they chose their favourite from the bunch and we provide the perfect logo in return. With a quick turnaround, we provided the client with a set of logo images that are ready to be used on all marketing materials and perfectly optimised for social media.

Our work with West Herts Digital added to our growing portfolio of Radio Logos. Check them out today and get in touch if you would like something similar for your business.

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