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We design logos for a number of companies. One of our clients is, an online company that specialise in buying your retro toys. They are interested in buying any toys that are from the 1920’s all the way through to the 90’s. If someone has an old cabbage patch doll or G.I. Joe just sitting there in storage then Vintage Toy Buyers is the place to go for the best deal.


When Vintage Toy Buyers came to us in search of their logo they said to us that they wanted an instantly recognisable design that would give the brand some identity. As they are a retail company building an identity is vitally important. With so much choice out there you want to be able to set your company apart from the competition. What better way to do this than through the first thing they see – the logo. This can help target demographics realise more quickly what kind of company the website was without even reading the name.

Retail logos should stand out more with aesthetically pleasing fonts and a full pallet of colours. This is something that we had to keep in mind when designing the logo.


We bounced around on several ideas for logo but there was one thing that we always planned on incorporating. What makes a toy company more recognisable than having famous characters on the logo? We could have gone with any combination of famous toys over the years but decided on these seven figures because they each appeal to different demographics – even within the toy world.

The first character on the logo is the most famous and successful toy of all time. Barbie has been a member of most households that have little girls throughout the world since the 60’s. This makes it easily recognisable for even those of us that never had one. The next character is Cobra from popular toy collection G.I. Joe. Any young boy that was growing up in the 80’s would recognise it.

The third toy to make it is Batman. This DC Comics character has had multiple films, TV shows and toys over the last 60 years. Fronting the logo is He-Man – one of the most successful toy lines in history. If you were a child living through the nineties then it was more likely than not that you owned or played with one of these toys. Darth Vader also makes the logo. Probably the biggest villain in movie history, Star Wars toys have been a phenomenon since the first movie in 1977.

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We also have a Smurf on the logo. These Belgian characters are a worldwide hit with TV shows, movies and theme park rides throughout the globe. All these characters are highly identifiable and anyone that is a target for Vintage Toy Buyers will be attracted to them.

The font for the logo was chosen because it fits in with the toy/comic look of the logo. The gold capitalised writing with the characters stood behind it (especially with the blacked out skyline) make it look as if they are all toys that have come to life.

This is one of the most fun logos that we have designed at Repeat Logo. If you are a retail company and like what you see. Head over to our contact page to find out what we can do for you.

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