Here at Repeat Logo, we design logos for companies in a range of different industries. True Foods Marketplace are one of those companies. They are a chain of small food retail stores. The company only sells vegetarian and vegan products. This is because they want to promote all the benefits that a plant based diet can do for your health and the environment. True Foods have gained a loyal customer base over the years that they have been operating. But due to the popularity of becoming vegan or vegetarian ever increasing they decided to try and take advantage.

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As stated above, True Foods Marketplace had already gained a host of loyal customers. However, over the last few years we have seen a massive rise in people becoming either vegan or vegetarian. This is due to the awareness that is being spread about both the health benefits that a plant based diet offers. As well as the publicity of how animals are being treated in order to get the meat that we do eat.

The management team over at True Foods recognised this and felt it was the perfect time to start developing their brand identity in order to capitalise on this potential new influx of customers. One way that they wanted to do this was through a new logo. While their old one had served them well, it was starting to look outdated. That is when they came to us. True Foods came to us with some guidelines. They wanted a logo that reflected their brand – something that would let people know it was vegan/vegetarian. It was also stated that they didn’t want something too serious, they wanted people to know this was an inviting place that would be able to help people that were just adopting plant based diets.


Retail logos need to be able to stand out in a crowd. Especially in food retail. There is so much competition out there, that being easily recognisable and identifiable is extremely important. We needed to ensure that True Foods Marketplace’s logo was unique, while also having all the elements of their brand incorporated. To start off we needed to pick the right symbol that would help people instantly realise what kind of place True Foods is. While we bounced around a few ideas we finally settled on having the whole logo plant themed. This would be a perfect reflection of who they are and the image they give off. If a consumer sees a plant and reads “true foods”, they are going to think of a vegan/vegetarian shop.

The second part of the logo we had to think about was the font. For retail logos getting the font right is crucial – it can make or break the whole design. You need to use a font that is both unique but clear so that anyone can read it. We settled on a font that was very informal and had lots of curves. We wanted it to be informal as True Foods was an informal place. It needed to reflect that when you go shopping there you are going to be greeted with smiles and people making conversation. The curviness of the font helped it look like the stems of a plant, furthering our theme for the overall design.

True Foods Marketplace

Last, we had to choose the colour. This was a fairly obvious one. The colour of a retail logo needs to be vibrant. We went with green – the colour that most people identify with when they think of plants. This helped give the logo that finishing touch and really give it the feel that we were looking for.

True Foods Marketplace is one of our favourite logo designs. For more inspiration for your retail logos, check out some of our other designs.

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