Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. They offer to design logos for companies in all different types of industries. Tick Tock Entertainment are a company operating in the events industry. They mainly focus on putting on events for special clients. This can include anything from birthday parties, hen and stag dos and birthday parties. Originally founded in 2016, they are a fairly young company based in Preston, England and operate predominantly throughout the north of England. Due to them being a new business, they needed a logo design in order to start building a brand identity.

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Logo design is important. It helps you build a strong identity for your brand. Think of all the most famous companies – you know it’s them instantly from their logos. Logos are the first part of businesses that most people will see. An eye catching logo will make people remember you, and also make them more likely to contact you for your product/service. Young companies such as Tick Tock Entertainment are desperate for an exciting logo. This is because it can be tough starting up as a company and any sort of advantages you can take will help immensely.

After some research, the management team at Tick Tock realised that sorting out a new logo should be a priority. This is when they found Repeat Logo – a professional logo design company. Once they got in contact with us, they were able to set some rules for our design.

The first of these guidelines was that the logo had to be fun, one of their main concerns was that they would receive a logo that was too “corporate” like. This sort of design would not fit in with the feel of the business. The second rule was that it had to be unique. The events industry is massive and highly competitive. Being mistaken for another company could instantly hamper your success.


Before the actual design process, we needed to do our research. Research is vital because it will give you all the information you need to make the best and most suitable logo possible for the client. The things that you need to research are the client (their background, values, aims etc.), competitors (what they are doing in terms of logo design) and the industry (any trends that you should avoid/take advantage of).

Once we had done the research, the design process started. The first stage was selecting a graphic to use. This one was a fairly simple selection due to the name of the company. The perfect graphic for Tick Tock Entertainment would be a clock. In order to keep in with their rule of “fun”, we decided that a cartoon style clock would be the most appropriate direction.

Second of all, we had to choose the font. We decided to place the font on the hands of the clock as this would make it more fun and interesting to the passing eye. The white font on the green background is both easy on the eye and memorable.

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Doing Event Logo Design was a fun process for the people at Repeat Logo. If you have any questions or queries about our process, don’t be afraid to get in touch today.

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