Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company that have clients in all different types of industries. SXD Leadership Communications are one of their clients who are in the communications business. The company is based in Stevenage, England and is run by Sheldon Daniel. SXD aim to give specialised communication services to both individuals and businesses. They do this by focusing on several key characteristics: deep technical skill and subject matter expertise; corporate experience in leadership, reputation building and relationship management; connectivity to the development of business strategy and through multi-disciplinary thinking and independent perspective. Sheldon and his team were in need of a new logo design.

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No matter what type of business you are, your company should constantly be thinking and evaluating its brand identity. Brand identity is the thing that gives your business a personality. A good example of this is that Apple are constantly seen to be innovative. The reason for this is because they have been constantly building this identity for years. SXD Leadership Communications were a business in need of building up their brand identity.

One of the best ways to start building your identity is through logo design. Logos are usually the first thing people see about your company and can be the difference between drawing them in and losing their interest all together. After some research, SXD discovered that this would be the best step for them to take. That is when they found Repeat Logo – a professional logo design company.

SXD laid out some guidelines for our logo design. First of all, they wanted the logo to have a professional feel about it – after all, they specialised in helping business-people and businesses. Secondly, they wanted a design that could easily be transferred on to a lot of different materials, background etc. (such as merchandising, advertisements). Having their company slogan/motto on there was also important to Sheldon and his team. This is because they felt “influencing strategy” reflected well on their business.


The first stage of any logo design process is to do research. This involves researching the company that is your client – from their history, what they do, where they want to be going. Researching competitors – what sort of logo designs they are using, why they use that particular logo – and looking in to the industry to see the factors such as trends. Only once this stage is complete are you able to move on to the actual design process.

There are three things to consider when doing communication logo design. The first of these is the font that you are going to be using. Getting the font wrong will be disastrous for the overall design because it can make it unattractive and illegible for potential clients. We chose a sharp, bold font because it gave off a professional look.

The second thing to consider is the colours that will be used. This is important because it is what makes the logo eye catching and makes people want to come back to it. SXD’s logo was given a purple/red look to it. This was because it was eye-catching without being too bold and informal.

Finally, the third thing to be considered is any symbolism that will be used. We ultimately decided not to have any graphics and went with including the motto instead – at the company’s request.

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This was the first communication logo design that Repeat Logo have done. It was an enjoyable experience working with SXD Leadership Communications and we hope to get a chance to do more logos in the industry in the future.

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