Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. We specialise in designing high quality logos for companies in a range of different industries. Su Familia are a business in the radio sector. The full name of the business is Su Familia Su Finanzas which translates in to English as “Your Family, Your Finances”. They are a radio show that appear on a Spanish radio station. Their show airs between 12PM to 1PM on the weekdays. The concept of the show is more talk based as they will discuss family life, tips on how to make your money go further and other topics related to this.

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The radio sector is a competitive industry. There are many different shows on the same time slots that are competing with each other for listeners so that they can attract more advertisers. The industry has become even more saturated with the internet. There are now online radio stations such as Apple’s Beats 1 and podcasts that they need to compete with. This has made it more important than ever to stand out from the competition. Branding has therefore become an important aspect of business for radio shows to think about.

Su Familia realised that building a strong brand identity would help set them apart from their competitors. There are many ways to start to build this identity. But a great way to begin is through a professional logo design. A logo is – more often than not – going to be the first thing a potential listener is going to see about your business. It will be on advertising, merchandise and more. Therefore, it needs to be eye-catching enough to capture their attention, it then also needs to be informative or attractive enough to entice them to learn more about who you are and what you do.


Once we had agreed to work with Su Familia, we began our design process. The first stage of our process was to research Su Familia. We wanted to learn as much about them as possible. This included looking at the topics they discussed on their show, the aims and objectives they had and who their target market was. It was also helpful to look at the rival radio shows. Looking at what they had done in terms of logo design and branding would mean that we knew what had worked for them and what had not.

After we were happy with our research findings we could move on to brainstorming. This is our creative stage when we start to think about all the different ideas for the logo. We will always use the information we have learned in the research stage as well as any guidelines/information that the client has given us. By using this information we were able to design the most suitable logo for Su Familia.

We then had to sketch out our design. This is done first so that we can get a better perspective on it. Making any small changes that are necessary. The logo design is then packaged up and sent off to the client.

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This is one of the only radio logo designs that we have completed thus far. If you have an opportunity for us to do another one, or any type of logo – get in contact with us today.

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