Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. We provide high quality logos for companies in a range of different industries. Smart Output are a company in the Information Technology sector. They provide a range of different services, all linked to IT. The first service they provide is Consulting. If you are a business that is setting up a new computer system in your office, Smart Output will be able to talk you through the process. The second service is Training. If you have people in your business that need to learn how to use a certain system, they will provide high quality training. Lastly, they offer Authoring. This is when they will write content for your businesses website.


The Information Technology sector has become highly competitive in recent years. This is due to the rise in technology in our lives. The internet in particular dominates both our professional and personal lives. This is why it is so important to have a strong brand identity in this field. A strong brand identity will let you stand out from your competition. One of the best ways to build this identity is through logo design. A logo is often the face of your company – it is the first thing that consumers see, and the thing that sticks in their mind.

Smart Output realised how competitive the industry was getting. That is when they decided to research how they could steal a march on their competitors. While doing their research, they discovered that a fresh logo design would help them. That is when they decided to contact Repeat Logo, a professional logo design company. We were able to talk them through how the right logo for their business would help them stand out. They then talked us through what sort of design they would like for their company.


When in the design process, the first stage should always be research. We first needed to gather information on Smart Output’s aims/objectives, the services/products they offer and their target audience. It was also important to look in to their competitors. Understanding what similar companies are doing when it comes to brand identity and logo design is important. You can use aspects that are working for them and avoid the aspects that aren’t. Research is important because it allows you the best foundation for the design.

The second stage of the process is brainstorming. At this stage we are able to let our creative sides come out. Thinking of a range of different ideas that would be good for Smart Output’s logo. We will always keep in mind any specifications or special requirements that you have told us.

We then move on to sketching the design. This is done so that we can see any minor changes that may need to be made. Seeing the final design drawn down always gives a better perspective, as you can see and feel it in front of you. Once this stage is done, we will produce and package your logo and send it off to you.

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Smart Output’s logo was a fun and interesting challenge for us. It is one of numerous Information Technology logos that we have done. If you have an idea for a design or a question, then get in contact with us now.

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