Repeat Logo specialise in professional logo design. We provide high quality logos for companies in all different industries. Sloan Weekly are a business in the restaurant sector. The company specialise in informing people about the happenings in the restaurant world. They do this in a number of ways. One of their most popular contents is their food critic’s review of restaurants. This is when they send their staff out to various new and exciting establishments to try out their food. They will then give them a rating. Other content that they put out is upcoming events in the industry, trends that are occurring and any news.

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The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive out there. There are so many different restaurants – all with different cuisines – looking for a share of the market. The same can also be said when it comes to food reviews. Newspapers, dedicated websites and magazines all compete for people to read their food critics comments. Sloan Weekly have to compete with all these different media outlets to get their content read. One way that they can stand out from their competitors is through building a strong brand identity.

Brand identity helps businesses stand out from competitors. It lets people know what your business can do for them and what it stands for. However, it can take time to build this identity up. One of the best aspects of your brand to start with is the logo. Your logo is going to be at the forefront of your business. It will have to be eye-catching enough that it captures the attention of any potential customer that sees it. Being memorable is also important. You want customers to return because they have instantly recognised that is your logo. A logo is a vital part of a brands identity.


The first stage of our design process is to conduct some research. We needed to learn about Sloan Weekly as a business. Important aspects of the company we wanted to learn about included what the company offered, what their aims/objectives are and who their target market was. It is also important to look at their competitive environment. We were able to look at what their competitors were doing in terms of logo design. This way we could keep in mind any aspects that had worked, while avoiding aspects that had not attracted customers.

Once research was complete we started brainstorming the design. This is when we got creative and started to think of different ideas for Sloan Weekly’s logo. During this process we had to keep in mind all the information that was learned in research, alongside any information or guidelines that the client had given us directly.

After brainstorming, we selected the design we felt was best for Sloan Weekly. It is then our job to sketch out the design – making any minor alterations when necessary. Finally, we had to package up our final product and send it to the client.

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Sloan Weekly’s logo was one of a few restaurant logo designs that we have completed. If you like to give us the opportunity to design one for you, or have any questions – contact us now.

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