Repeat Logo is a logo design company who thrive in the opportunity to create new, modernised logo for companies in every sector. We’ve worked on a whole variety of different projects with clients who range from sector to sector. Our latest client for a brand new logo was cargo and freight company, Sam Ashburton Movements. Transporting goods from A to B will never not be a valuable industry, however, this also makes it very competitive. Many trucking and transportation companies have been in business for a long time. Sam Ashburton Movements had to break through the industry teeming with outdated brands, to find us. We wanted to give him something fresh, new and memorable.

When Sam Ashburton Movements got in touch with Repeat Logo we knew exactly what they wanted, and what they needed.


As we have already alluded to, the market for hauling cargo and for freight companies is fiercely competitive. However, despite many of these companies being large, they are not memorable and have extremely poor brands. Sam Ashburton Movements needed a logo that would truly make them stand out from the rest of the industry. Standing out will make them more memorable, which could, in turn, mean they retain clients longer and attain new ones in due course. The logo needed to reflect the market that Sam Ashburton Movements is in, as well as be bold with bright colours and a strong typeface.

Not only would this logo be the mainstay of Sam Ashburton Movements’ marketing materials, it would also potentially be branding used on uniforms and vehicles. For this reason, the logo had to translate well from the tiny stitching on staff polo shirts to large-scale vehicle wraps on the cargo hauling vehicles.


In order to come up with the best finished product for our client, we first need to take into account their industry or market. Here we look at the trends among competitors, what is working for customers and what isn’t. Following this, we begin to brainstorm logo ideas within the team. This allows us to think about colours, fonts and shapes that we think would work well for Sam Ashburton Movements. The team eventually agrees on a style, but we ensure to produce a variety of style so that the client has some options to choose from when it comes to the final design.

Once the client, Sam Ashburton Movements, has chosen their logo, we talk about any small items of fine-tuning which may need to be completed. Finally, we can provide the client with the perfect logo for their needs. This can be used on all marketing materials, and we’ll make sure to provide it in the perfect sizes for social media too.

This logo for Sam Ashburton helped begin our collection of Transport Logos.  We’d love to create more logos for this industry so get in touch today if you have any projects for us.

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