Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. They design logos for companies in all different industries. SAAM Solutions are a company in the engineering industry. SAAM stands for Specialized Automation and Modelling Services. The company is based in New South Wales, Australia. Focusing on providing specialised service to woodworking and shopfitting businesses. If a company is in need of any assistance with things such as fit outs, then SAAM will work alongside them in order to provide a solution to their problem. The businesses has received numerous five star reviews but required logo design to take the company to the next level.

engineering company logo design


No matter what industry you are in, businesses require good logo design. This is because it allows you to set yourself apart from the competition. A logo is normally the first thing a perspective customer sees about your business. If the logo doesn’t capture their attention and draw them in, then you aren’t going to maximise your business. SAAM Solutions needed a logo design in order to attract more customers.

SAAM Solutions are a young company, who have recently just started out in the engineering industry. One of the things that they needed to do when building up their company was to get a professional logo design. After doing some research, they found Repeat Logo – a company with a stellar portfolio and reputation. Once SAAM Solutions had got in contact with us, they started to lay out some guidelines for the design.

The first parameter given to us was that the logo had to look professional. Depending on what kind of business you are, will determine if you need a professional, corporate looking design, or a more fun, imaginative one. Because SAAM dealt with other businesses, they felt it was important to have a more serious logo.


The first stage of any logo design process is research. Making sure that you know everything about the company you are designing for (the brand identity, their target audience etc.). It is also important to research their competitors. Look at how they are using logo design in order to attract business. Make sure you know what elements of their logos are working and aren’t working.

Once research is done, we had to move on to brainstorming our ideas. We had our guideline that the logo had to have a professional, more serious tone to it. This gave us a good starting point to start thinking about the design. We kept in contact with SAAM throughout this stage to make sure that we wouldn’t go off in a wrong tangent. Asking them for keywords/buzzwords related to their business will helped with this stage.

Then we actually had to sketch the logo design. We did several different versions, all with the same sort of themes and aesthetics. This would give SAAM Solutions the best possible choice to choose from. Sketching them also allows for any minor changes to be made before the final design is settled on.

corporate logo design

Once all these stages are completed we will then deliver the final design to you. SAAM Solutions is our only engineering logo thus far and we would love to do one again. If you have an idea, or any questions then get in contact now.

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