Repeat Logo are a company that specialise in logo design. We design logos for companies in a range of different industries and sectors. Remnant are a business in the Mobile App sector. The mobile app industry can be one of the most competitive that there is. There is so much competition out there that it can be hard for smaller, independent apps to get noticed. When you go on to the App Store or Google Play, there are millions of different apps. Even if you have some sort of niche, the chances are that there is going to be something similar out there already.

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Because Remnant operated in such a competitive environment, they were finding it hard to get noticed when they were starting out. The company needed to do something, otherwise they ran the risk of never being noticed by mobile users. That is when they discovered that building a strong brand identity would be something that could give business a major boost. Brand identity allows you to give a personality to your company, helping create a connection with the consumer. Unfortunately, it isn’t something that can be developed in a short space of time.

It can take a while before you start to see the results of building your brand identity. There are also many different things that influence it. One of the biggest influences on a brands identity is its logo design – especially for mobile apps. When you are browsing through the app store, all you get to see is the applications logo, category and rating. This means that it is vital to get the logo right. It should be eye-catching so that people don’t simply scroll past it. It needs to entice people to click on and discover more about what you have to offer.


Once agreeing to work with Remnant, we started our logo design process. We will always start with the same stage – research. It is important to the design that we know as much about our client as possible. This will include finding the answers to questions such as “What are their aims/objectives?” “What products and services do they offer?” and “Who is their target market?” All this information would give us the best possible foundation to begin thinking of design concepts.

We then moved on to brainstorming. This is our creative stage. We will combine the information learned in the research stage with any guidelines the client has given us. By using all that information, we will be able to come up with suitable designs for that particular client.

It is then time to sketch out the design concepts. The number of design concepts we come up with depends on the package that you have purchased. Our packages include the Pro (3 design concepts), Advanced (5 design concepts) and the Enterprise (8 design concepts). After we have finished sketching out the appropriate number of designs, we package them up and send them off to the client.

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Remnant were delighted with their professional looking logo. It is one of only a few mobile app logo designs we have completed, but each one was as enjoyable as the last. If you are ready to go ahead with a new logo for your business, contact us today.

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