Repeat Logo design company logos for organisations in all kinds of industries. One of our customers was Planet Total. They operate in the experience day’s sector. With the ever increasing popularity of getting someone an experience instead of a traditional gift, companies such as Planet Total have seen an increase in demand. Offering a whole range of different types of experiences – varying from hot air balloon trips to relaxing spa days – Planet Total has something for all different types of people. This is represented in the company motto, “a world of experiences”. The motto also reflects that they offer experience days in several different locations.

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In recent history, experience days have become more popular than ever. More and more people are seeking experiences rather than objects. In the past it was unthinkable to get someone a gift that they couldn’t see or feel instantly. However, that has now shifted. Consumers want fun, exciting and most importantly – different – experiences. Planet Total started to recognise this. The demand for their business got significantly greater over the past few years. But along with increased demand came the introduction of more competition. Companies were appearing out of nowhere, looking to tap in to this increasing market.

Planet Total’s management team recognised that they needed to stand out from their competition. By doing some research they came to the conclusion that to start off they would need a new logo to represent their company. The old logo had become tired looking and outdated. It didn’t reflect the fun filled experiences that they offered. That is when they came to us. Through doing their research, they found or website. Our range of different logos that we have designed in our lifespan impressed their management team.

When they came to us they had one main guideline –their logo had to be simple and reflect the experiences that they offer.


This was the first logo that we were tasked with designing for an organisation in the experience day sector. In order to be successful in doing this logo, we first had to conduct some research in to competitors and the history of logos in this market – as well as what customers expected.

We found that the customers wanted to be “wowed” when they saw an experience day logo, because it should reflect the wow factor that the experience will bring. Customers also wanted innovation to be reflected in their impressions, as experience days should be different and stand out. We found that most of the companies in the sector were starting to adopt simpler logos. Overcomplicated logos can be confusing to potential customers, which will make them off putting. Our final finding was that logos should mostly use colours that are bold, bright and eye catching. This helps with the customer’s expectation that logos need a wow factor. By using colours that stand out such as red, yellow or bright blue – you are instantly catching the eye of potential customers.

The first thing we decided for the logo was that it should be represent a globe shape. This fits in with the name of the company and starts to build an identity. The symbol also doubles as a bowling ball – a fun experience and one that they offer. Secondly we chose the colour of the logo.

buisness logos

We decided on a bright blue as it fitted in well with the look we were going for, while also being bold and eye catching. Finally we decided to put the motto of the company in there. This was again to further a company identity and help them separate from the competition.

We had a great time developing Planet Total’s logo. If you are an experience day company that are in need of a fresh logo, check out some of our other designs and pointers to get you on your way.

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