Repeat Logo specialise in logo design for companies in a whole different range of industries. PikBuk are a mobile app business that needed logo design. PikBuk are a digital photo printing company that provide customers with their own personalised photo book containing 32 to 40 pictures. They aim to make their customers smile by supplying them with high quality photo books of their favourite memories. Stationed in New Delhi, in India, they reach their target audience through their application that is both iOS and Android compatible. As long as you have an Indian postal code, your photo book will be delivered in just seven days.

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PikBuk are a young company that are still very much in their infancy. Due to them just starting out, building a strong brand identity is vital to their business. They are also in one of the most competitive and growing industries today – mobile apps. Near enough everyone in the modern world today has some form of smartphone. They have taken over our lives, we stare at them all day. This has meant that new apps are launching every day as they attempt to capitalise.

PikBuk came to us as they saw our previous work with other companies that wanted to build their brand identity. They came to us with several guidelines to help our design process. The first of these is that it needed to be clear what they do. Incorporating that they were a photo business was vital. This would help make it clear to potential customers exactly what PikBuk do. This is definitely important and was good research on behalf of the company. Too often you can see icons for applications and it’s not clear what exactly they provide you with, and that doesn’t draw customers in.

The second guideline was that it had to be simple. Simplicity is vital for applications as the logo is usually small and only seen on a mobile screen. Doing overcomplicated logos would only make the design seem uglier and cluttered.


The first stage of our process in designing this logo was to investigate and research other mobile app logos. Simply by crawling through the App Store’s photo & video category we were able to see just how much competition there was out there. Thousands nearing on millions of different applications. We focused on the top 50-100 to see what made their logos stand out. All had similar features, a camera or something along those lines that made it clear what they did. This is when we decided that would be the main design of the logo. While it may seem obvious, it’s because it was – simplicity works best for mobile apps.

The second stage was selecting the colours that would make the logo stand out. We decided to go with a selection of different shades of blue. This was in order to mix simplicity with something that would be unique. The final colours that were selected worked well alongside the white background of the photo. It helped it look both professional and appealing to potential customers.

Finally, we had to select a font that although wouldn’t be on the original logo would play an important part in developing the brand. We decided on a less formal font because we felt that it would give customers and investors the feeling that PikBuk was a fun, innovative brand that understood its audience.

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The process of designing this logo was an enjoyable experience for Repeat Logo. We would love to do more mobile app logo design in the future. If you want to learn more, don’t be afraid to contact us today!

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