We are a logo design business who love working on many and varied projects. Throughout our years of experience we have created new logos and brands for businesses in hundreds of different sectors and niches. We were recently called on to create a new logo for coffee shop business, Original Amsterdam. With the coffee shops of Amsterdam full of excited customers, Original Amsterdam look to corner the market and provide a great environment for those looking to enjoy the Amsterdam way of life. It is a huge market at the moment, so Original Amsterdam look to focus on a great experience for both residents and visitors to the city.

Original Amsterdam had a wide range of products and a great business idea, so this needed to be matched with a brilliant new brand from Repeat Logo.


Due to the market being so strong and popular at the moment, Original Amsterdam needed a logo that was instantly recognisable, related to the industry, and really professional. In any industry, it’s important that the customer can tell a lot about you and your market with a quick glance at your branding. With technology as it is today, you need to make a great first impression and fast. This logo needed to be bright and bold enough to catch the eye of any potential customer shopping around in this market.

As each company is fighting for the same customers, it is necessary that you have a great brand image. You need to pair this with an amazing marketing campaign and effective marketing materials. Original Amsterdam is already a brilliant coffee shop that is proving popular with many people in the industry, so this needed to be reflected in the logo they are using online. We began the process by studying the market which Original Amsterdam is part of, to see what customers are looking for and what their competitors are providing.


After we have begun with an in-depth analysis of the market, we begin looking at how we can make our client different and how to make them stand out in the industry.  We look at what the client has requested in terms of style and colours and begin to develop this into new ideas. This takes a lot of brainstorming as a team and bouncing ideas off of each other. Once we have agreed on some initial logo ideas, we begin the process of turning these into some initial sketches. We refine these sketches as we go, testing fonts and colour combinations until we have something we think is nearly perfect. Our sketches are often an amalgamation of everything that has happened so far in the process, from looking at competitors to brainstorming, to looking at market trends.  After this is complete, we are left with a great set of logo ideas for the client to peruse.

Original Amsterdam then had the chance to take a look at these logos and give us some feedback. Sometimes, what we have is perfect! Sometimes, we talk about fine-tuning or maybe incorporating different parts of different logos. What we have at the end is a brilliant new logo that will stand the test of time for Original Amsterdam.

Completing this logo for Original Amsterdam added to our growing portfolio of Retail Logos. Get in touch if you would like us to work on your latest project.

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