Repeat Logo provide professional logo design to companies in all different industries. Odoss are a company in the design industry. They are a design company that specialise in dealing with helping domestic and commercial properties design their layouts and floorplans. Working closely with architects in order to ensure that the space in a property is made the most of. Odoss are a fairly young company that are spearheaded by a team that has accumulated a lot of years of experience in the industry. One of the first things that they needed to think about when building their business was logo design.

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Logo design is important in all industries but none more so than in the design industry. Design companies need potential customers to see that all aspects of their business is designed to the highest possible standard. Giving off the impression that your organisation is refined and polished will have a positive impact on the amount of attention you receive. Odoss needed to think of the type of message that they wanted to give off through their logo design. The management team at Odoss knew that the best way to start building up their young businesses brand identity was with a new logo.

Being in design – Odoss already had a good idea of where they wanted to go with the logo. The first thing that we discussed was how they wanted the logo to portray the business. They informed us that they wanted a design that would give off a professional vibe about the company. Secondly, we discussed the colours they wanted to be included. This one was a fairly broad recommendation. Odoss said that bright colours were important but they didn’t have a preference for the exact colour. The last thing left to discuss was the font they wanted to be used. An “informal yet professional” looking font was specified to us by Odoss.


The first stage of any logo design process is to do research. You will need to know information about the company you are designing for (such as brand identity, what they do, who their customers are etc.), what their competitors are doing (in terms of logo design and brand identity) and any trends within the industry. Once you have completed this process you should have sufficient information. This will give you the best possible foundation to begin designing.

The first thing that we had to consider was what symbol we would use. Ultimately we went with a corporate looking oval type design. This was because it fitted in with the specs that Odoss had given us about giving the logo a “professional” look. We then had to think of the colours that we were going to use in the logo. Colour is important because it can be the difference between a logo standing out and getting lost in a crowd. We decided on green because it evokes prosperity in people.

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Lastly, the font was decided on. Giving the logo an overall professional yet informal look about it. Repeat Logo had a great time working with another design company and would love to be given the opportunity to do so again.

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