Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. They have designed logos for companies in a range of different industries. Newcastle Physiotherapists are a business in the health sector. They specialise in using physiotherapy to help their customers/patients. Physiotherapy is primarily used to restore movement in parts of the body that have been negatively affected by injury, illness or disability, and can further eliminate the risk of it occurring again in the future. Newcastle Physiotherapists welcome all kinds of people to their business. With the motto “helping you achieve a healthier movement”, it is clear that they are passionate about what they do.


Companies need a good logo design because it can build up a strong brand identity. If you think of famous companies, you know their logo in an instant. A logo is often the first thing a potential customer will see, so it’s important to make a good first impression. This is as important in the health sector as any other. There are so many different types of business in this industry (dentists, hospitals, pharmacies etc.). Therefore it is important to get your niche across to the customer as soon as possible. For example, most dental clinics will use tooth symbolism – instantly letting the customer know what they do.

Newcastle Physiotherapists needed to build their brand identity. They were confident in the service that they were providing, but often that is not enough. After doing some research they discovered that building a strong brand identity through logo design was their next step. That is when they found Repeat Logo. After getting in touch, the two parties started discussing the next steps in the process. Newcastle Physiotherapists made it very clear that the most important aspect they needed from their logo was that it displayed their niche.


The first stage of designing any logo is to do research. First of all, we needed to learn about the company we were designing for. It was important to know the aims/objectives, current brand identity and their target demographic. Knowing what their competitors are doing is important as well, as you can learn what has worked and what hasn’t for them.

Once research was done we could move on to the next stage. Brainstorming. This is the part of the process when we could really start to get creative. We worked closely with Newcastle Physiotherapists to make sure that we were discussing things that they wanted. That is when we came up with the design you can see. We felt that this showed clearly that they dealt with healing the body.

Then we had to move on to sketching the design. It is important to sketch out the design first so that any minor changes that would improve the final design can be made. It’s much easier to get a feel of a logo once it is drawn down on a piece of paper. Only once this stage is completed do we package up the new design and send it off.

This was one of a few health logo design that we have done. Each of them has offered us a new challenge and enjoyable experience. If you have an idea for a logo or any questions for our team, then get in touch now.

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