Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. We design logos for companies in all different industries. Needle Ninjas are a business in the crafts sector. They work with many aspects of crafts, however, as their name may suggest – they specialise in sewing. Through workshops, classes and more, they aim to show the new generations the benefits of taking up crafts. Needle Ninjas also aim to work with older members of the public in order to keep their minds working and time occupied in retirement – something that some pensioners struggle with. Everyone is welcome to learn a new craft at Needle Ninjas.


The crafts industry isn’t thriving. Whereas older generations would spend their time doing activities such as sewing, newer ones tend to turn to media sources such as video games and TV. This has then made it harder for businesses in the industry. They need to get all aspects of their business right in order to attract potential customers. One part of the business that Needle Ninjas wanted to improve upon was their brand identity. Developing a strong brand identity should be a focus for every business. You want people to know what your company does and what it stands for – even if they haven’t used you before.

A great way to start developing your brand identity is through a fresh, new logo design. This is because your logo acts as the face of your company. It will be – more often than not – the first thing that people see about your business. The design will be placed on marketing materials, merchandise and much more. Therefore, it is important that it is eye-catching enough to capture the attentions of the consumer. Needle Ninjas needed a design that would make people consider taking up a craft – something they might not have done previously.


The first stage – once agreeing to work with the client – should always be research. We needed to learn about Needle Ninjas as a business. What services/products do they offer? What are their aims and objectives? Who is their target market/demographic? Were all amongst the questions that we set out to find answers for. Another important bit of research that needs done is competitors. While Needle Ninjas didn’t have a large range of competition, it was still vital that we saw what they were doing in terms of logo design.

Once research was complete, we moved on to the brainstorming stage. This is when we started getting creative. We had to think of an attractive, eye-catching design that would suit Needle Ninja as a business. By using all the information we had learned in the research stage, alongside any guidelines the client had given us, we were able to do just that.

After brainstorming and selecting a design to move ahead with, we then sketch it out. We first sketch it out so that we can get a better perspective. It will then allow us to make any small changes to improve the final product. Lastly, we had to package up the design and send it off to Needle Ninja.

We loved working with Needle Ninja as a client. It was one of the first crafts logo designs we had done. If you have an idea for a logo, or any questions – contact us now.

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