Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. We have designed logos for happy customers in a range of different industries. Monarch Development – one of our clients – are a business in the Web Design sector. The business is dedicated to providing their customers with excellent website design. Their main clients tend to be businesses looking for the perfect website, but have also worked with more independent parties such as bloggers. Monarch Development have a wealth of experience and training when it comes to web design and work tirelessly to ensure your website is up to scratch.

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The internet is now the world’s most useful tool. We use it in nearly every aspect of our lives. It can do our shopping for us, all the way through to helping us arrange plans with our friends. It has also become a major part of business. In order to be a successful business in this day and age, you need a strong online presence. This means that your website needs to be interesting, informative and most importantly – not outdated. Because of this, there has been a massive rise in the number of companies in the web design industry.

Monarch Development had a problem. Although they were confident that their service was better than any of their competitors, they weren’t getting as much business as them. This was down to a lack of brand identity. Whilst their competitors had started to develop one, Monarch Development were yet to do so. After some research, they knew where they needed to start with developing their own brand identity – a professional logo design. This is because a logo is often the first thing that a potential customer is going to see when it comes to your company. It needs to be eye-catching, attractive and informative all in one.


Once we had agreed to work with Monarch Development, we began our design process. The first stage of Repeat Logo’s design process is always research. We needed to learn as much about the client as possible. Questions that we needed answered were “What products/services do they offer?” “What are their aims and objectives?” and “Who is their target market?” Once we had learned all these we also took a look at what their competitors had done in terms of branding and logo design.

Brainstorming is the next stage. Using all the information we had learned in research, combined with any guidelines that Monarch Development had given us, we would create the most suitable logo design for this particular client.

We will come up with either three, five or eight concepts for your business, depending on which of our three packages you have purchased. After brainstorming is done, we then sketch out the design concepts that we have created. This will allow us to get a better perspective of the final product. It also allows us to make any small changes to improve the design.

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The designs were then packaged up and sent off to Monarch Development. It is safe to say that they were delighted with the results. Repeat Logo had a great time with this web design logo design process. If you want to give us the opportunity to do more, contact us today.

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