Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. We design logos for businesses in all different sectors/industries. Model Madness are a company in the toys industry. The company sell a range of different toys for all ages. They even have collector items that attract business from adults. Model Madness specialise in remote control toys. They will even host events were they teach children how to fly model planes, drive toy cars etc. As more children start to turn to video games, they want to inspire the next generation to play with toys instead.


If you are a retail company – no matter what type – you are going to be surrounded by a competitive environment. There is so much choice for the consumer out there today that smaller businesses can often struggle to compete. Model Madness were in a tough situation. Not only did they have to compete against other smaller, independent toy shops, bigger corporate toy stores but also places such as supermarkets. This had made it more important than ever to stand out from the competition. Model Madness needed to be able to attract customers over their competitors. One way that they could do this is through building a brand identity.

Brand identity is vital to a successful business. It means that the consumer knows exactly what your company does and what it stands for. However, brand identity isn’t something that you can get overnight. It will take time to develop. A great way to start developing brand identity is through logo design. This is because a logo is going to be the face of your company. It needs to be eye-catching enough to capture people’s attentions and attractive enough to entice them in further. A professional logo design can make a big difference to a business.


Once we had agreed to work with Model Madness, we moved on to our design process. Our first stage is always research. We want to learn as much as possible about our client. We will look in to aspects of their business such as their aims/objectives, the products/services they offer and who their target market is. Another aspect to research is the company’s competitive environment. This would give us a good idea of what had worked in the industry in terms of logos and branding.

After we were happy with the findings in research we moved on to brainstorming. This stage of the process is where we get creative. We will think of several different design concepts for your logo. Ensuring that we use all the information gathered in research, combined with any guidelines the client had given us.

We will come up with several different design concepts depending on the package that you have purchased. There are three packages on offer – the Pro, Advanced and Enterprise. Once we had come up with the design concepts for your logo, we started to sketch them out. We do this so that we can get a better feel of each concept, as well as being able to make any minor changes.

The design concepts are packaged up and sent to the client. Model Madness were delighted with the results. If you have any ideas for toys logo design then we would love to hear them. Get in contact with us now.

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We have a pro package, advanced package and enterprise package.