Repeat Logo is a logo design company who value creativity above all else. We have created hundreds of logos and have amasses experience in creating logos for many different businesses and industries. In recent times, we worked with innovative IT Company, Mobile Computer Repair LLC. The computer and IT industry is huge at the moment, with technology developing every day and individuals wanting convenient, quick fixes. This is where Mobile Computer Repair LLC come in. This business provides repairs, installations and more at your convenience. They will come to you, whether at work or at home, to save you carrying your technology to their shop. In the modern day, convenience is King and their service is necessary for so many people.

With a great business idea and armed with a huge inventory of skills and experience, it was time for Mobile Computer Repair LLC to match their great service with great branding. For this reason, they came to Repeat Logo looking for a great logo that would help them build up brand image as they continue to grow.


What Mobile Computer Repair LLC needed was a great logo that was going to help them stand out in an extremely competitive industry. The logo needed to reflect the nature of their business as well as make sure it had a professional and modern edge. We opted for bold colours that customers will associate with technology, and a style that communicated the fast-paced environment that Mobile Computer Repair LLC work in.

It is incredibly important within the IT industry to make sure that you stand out from the crowd as there is strong competition in the sector, all vying for the same customers. Mobile Computer Repairs LLC already stand out with their convenient service, but they need to build a great brand to go along with it. We began our design of their brand new logo with an in-depth competitor analysis. This tells us what we need to know about trends in the industry and how we can go one better.


Once we have completed our analysis of the company’s closest competitors, we begin to brainstorm ideas, taking the client’s wishes into account and balancing this with fresh ideas from our creative team. Once we have a good range of logo ideas, we can begin to turn these into individual sketches until we have something we love. During this process, we refine our ideas and narrow down our top choices as we go along. How we do this will depend on many factors, such as the stylisation, how the logo might look on marketing materials, or how trends in the market are developing. When we have a great set of sketches put together, we can take these to Mobile Computer Repair LLC and get their feedback.

When we have received our feedback from the client, we can get down to the really fine details and make sure the logo is as slick and professional as we can possibly make it. There is a lot of fine-tuning in this time period. The end result is a brilliant new logo for Mobile Computer Repair LLC that can be used immediately across all social media and marketing with the help of our handy marketing package.

This logo added to our growing portfolio of IT logos. We love the challenge of bringing something new to the table for every client and projects like this allow us to be creative. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about any of our Packages.

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