Repeat Logo is a professional logo design company. We specialise in designing logos for businesses, no matter what industry they are in. Madareo is a business in the communications sector. They specialise as a marketplace for people to buy and sell diamonds. Diamonds have always been a popular commodity and are used in a wide range of jewelleries and other products. They are the perfect gift for a loved one. Diamond wedding rings are one of the most sought after types of wedding ring. Madareo realised that there was a gap in the online market for buying and selling diamonds.


While Madareo are defined as a communications company, they also compete against retail companies for business. That then makes it twice as hard for them as they are competing in two different sectors. As well all know, the retail industry is one of the most competitive there is. There is so much choice for the consumer out there that it can be hard for businesses to gain any sort of market share. Madareo would be competing against other online jewellery stores as well as high street stores that had traditionally been more of a popular option.

One way that Madareo could stand out from the competition was through a strong brand identity. However, this wasn’t something that would happen overnight. Brand identity can take a lot of hard work and time to gain. A great way to start building this identity is through logo design. This is because a logo is vital to a business’s success. It needs to be eye-catching enough to capture the attention of consumers. Once it has captured their attention, then it needs to draw them in to learn more about your company. If a company has got their logo right, then they will be on their way to success.


After agreeing to work with Madareo, we started our design process. We will always start off our process with research. Before we start to think of any ideas for our client, we need to learn about them. Looking into aspects of their business such as the products/services they offer, their aims/objectives and who their target market is would be important. It would help us build a foundation that we could use to think of the best possible design.

Once we were happy with the information we gathered in research, we moved on to brainstorming. We had to think of different design concepts that would be suitable for Madareo. This is done by using all the information gathered in research, alongside any guidelines the client had given us.

Depending on the package you have purchased, we will come up with a certain number of design concepts. The Pro Package will get you 3, the Advanced Package will get you 5 and the Enterprise Package will get you 8. Once brainstorming was complete, we will sketch out these design concepts and then package them up and send them to our clients.

Madareo was delighted with the results of their logo. We would love for the opportunity to complete more communication logo designs in the future. If you require a new logo for your business, or have any questions – contact us today.

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