Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. We design logos for companies in a range of different industries. Looking Up To You are a business in the retail sector. They are focused on the selling of high end products. LUTY want to provide high-quality products for their customers. They currently operate out of one store and an online shop but plan to expand their business. This retail business is predominantly used by customers looking for Christmas/Birthday/Anniversary etc. gifts. There is a wide selection of different products such as jewellery, ornaments, paintings and more.


Looking Up To You are in one of the most competitive industries that there is. No matter what part of the retail sector you are in, there will be competition for market share. This was particularly the case for LUTY. Because they don’t serve any specific niche, and their catalogue is wide and varied – they would have a lot of competition. Whether that be from jewellers or other high end gift shops. This meant that the business had to build a strong brand identity. Brand identity is important for attracting customers because it can give your business a personality that consumers can connect with.

However, brand identity isn’t something that companies can gain overnight. It is something that takes time to build up – taking time, effort and money to do. Once this brand identity is established, it will make a big difference. One of the best ways to develop identity is through a professional logo design. This is because a logo is going to be vital to attracting customers. It will often be the first thing that catches their eye, meaning it has to be attention-grabbing enough to do so. A logo should also be attractive and informative, in order to entice them in further.


After we had agreed to work with Looking Up To You, we began our design process. The first stage that we always carry out is research. We want to know as much about our client as possible. This will include aspects of their business such as aims & objectives, products/services and target markets. Researching their competitive environment would also be important. This is because it can give us the chance to see what rival companies have done in terms of logos/branding.

Once we were happy with the research that was collected, we could move on to a more creative stage – brainstorming. This is the stage where we start to think of different design concepts for the logo. We will use all the information we have learned thus far and think of the most suitable designs for that particular client.

The number of design concepts that we come up with depends on the package you have purchased. Our packages include the Pro (3 design concepts), Advanced (5 design concepts) and Enterprise (8 design concepts). Once we had created the number of design concepts purchased by the client, we moved on to sketching them out.

Looking up to you

Our designs were then packaged up and sent off to the client. Looking Up To You were delighted with the results and selected the concept that they liked the best. This is one of numerous retail logo designs we have completed, each giving us a new and exciting challenge. If you have any questions or are ready to go ahead with your new logo, contact us now.

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We have a pro package, advanced package and enterprise package.