Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. We specialise in providing your business with a high quality logo, no matter what industry you are in. KommunikationsPartiet are a business operating in the Music Sector. The company are based in Denmark, and have a great reputation in the country amongst customers as being a reliable business that is trustworthy. They specialise in providing PR services to artists – mainly Danish ones. KommunikationsPartiet want to help bridge the gap between artist and fan. They do this by making the artist more accessible to the consumer, helping build their image.

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Like a lot of industries, Music keeps on growing and becoming more competitive. With the rise of streaming services (such as Apple Music and Spotify) we have seen a rise in the number of bands and artists. Everyone wants to become a success. While this can be seen as a positive thing, it can also be detrimental. The industry can get oversaturated with choice, leaving people out in the cold.

One way that you can try get ahead of the competition is through brand identity. All the most famous and successful music businesses have a strong brand identity. Having identity means that you can set yourself apart from your rivals. New customers will be attracted to your business and returning ones are likely to come back. A great way to build this identity is through logo design.

A logo is often the first part of your business customers will see. It’s also the thing that will stick in their minds. If you have a good logo design then it will entice customers in to your company. KommunikationsPartiet recognised that they needed to set themselves apart from competitors. That is when they discovered Repeat Logo. They got in touch with us and we started to discuss a new logo for their business.


Research is the first stage of any design process. Before we started thinking about the logo, we had to look in to KommunikationsPartiet. It was important to learn about their business (what services they provided, their aims/objectives, target demographics etc.) before we moved on. It’s also helpful to look at competitors. Looking at what they have done in terms of logo design and brand identity can help. Recognising the aspects of their logo/identity that have worked and those that haven’t would help our design. All this information would give us a good foundation to build from.

The second stage of the process is brainstorming. This is the creative side of the process. We used all the information we had gathered from our research and what we had discussed with the client and got to work. We think of several different designs before we move on, evaluating the pros and cons of each one to get the best design suited to that particular business.

Once the brainstorming was done we moved on to sketching the design. We sketch out any designs so that we can get a feel for them. It’s much easier to evaluate if they work when you have something down in front of you. We could also make any minor changes that would improve the logo.

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We then packaged up the logo and sent it to KommunikationsPartiet. They were delighted with the final result. This is one of a few Music logo designs we have done, enjoying all of them. If you have an idea for a design or any queries, then get in contact now.

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