Repeat Logo are a business that specialise in professional logo design. We have worked with clients in all different industries to give them new logos. Kent Recruitment Solutions are a business in the recruitment sector. The business is based in Cardiff, Wales and deals primarily with the UK market. Kent Recruitment Solutions were founded by Mitchell Bonney and are a fairly young company. They specialise in pairing up employers with new employees in fields such as accounting. Their aim is to provide professionals with their perfect working environment, as well as working with companies to find their perfect employees.

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Recruitment agencies such as Kent Recruitment Solutions play a big part in industry. They are specialised in providing people with the right roles to bring their careers forward. A lot of companies rely on these agencies to find the right employees for them, so that they don’t have to go through the timely process of interviews. Because they are so important, many businesses have tried to get a market share in the recruitment sector. They have identified that it is a profitable business to get in to and because of this new companies are constantly popping up.

This has meant that it is important for Kent Recruitment Solutions to stand out and separate themselves from their competitors. A great way to do this is through developing a strong brand identity. The best way to start developing an identity for your business is through a strong logo design. This is because a logo will be the face of your company. It is going to be the first thing that people see, it needs to be eye-catching enough that they choose you over your competitors. It also needs to be memorable enough that returning customers remember you instantly when they see it.


Once we agreed to work with Kent Recruitment we then had to start doing research. Learning about them as a company – what services they offered, what their aims/objectives are and who their target market it. It would also be important to learn about their competitive environment. What were other companies doing in terms of logo design and brand identity? Was a question that we needed to find out the answers to. All this information would act as the foundation for our design.

After we were satisfied with the research we had conducted, we moved on to brainstorming. This is the stage when we start to get creative. Using all the information that we had gathered in research, as well as the guidelines that Kent Recruitment had given us, we got to work. We thought of all the aspects of the design – the font, colours, symbols etc. – and how to combine them to best suit this particular business.

We then selected the design you can see today. This is because we felt it fitted this particular company best. We had to first sketch out the design so we could get a better feel for it. Once any minor upgrades were made, we packaged it up and sent it off to Kent Recruitment.

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Recruitment logo design is just one of our specialities at Repeat Logo. If you have an idea for a logo or any questions, get in contact with us now.

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