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Repeat Logo provide services for a whole different range of companies. Johannas Journal is a blogging platform. It is primarily operated by one person – Johanna – as they build their personal brand. Specialising in travelling, showcasing their adventures and experiences from around the globe. Johanna has attracted a loyal fan base but needed something to take their blog to the next level. That is where we come in.


Johannas Journal came to us because they wanted to further their company. While they had developed a good blog with some loyal viewers it was still on the smaller side of things. They asked us to build a logo that would attract potential audiences in to actually viewing the blog rather than just skimming past it. Their previous logo had not been doing the job. It was standard, generic and certainly wasn’t eye catching enough in order to grab people’s attention. If your logo isn’t standing out in the blogger world then you are going to struggle. Blogging is becoming more and more popular as our lives go online – so first impressions are important. Johannas Journal made it clear to us that they wanted an eye-catching logo that would reflect that they specialise in talking about travel and world experiences.


There are some standard guidelines for designing a logo for a blogger. The first of these is that a blogger needs a unique and creative logo that will appeal to their target audience. Standing out is important in the world of blogging, you need a good first impression in order to steal a head start on competitors. One of the main things that needed to be incorporated in to the logo was something that showed Johannas Journal was travel related. We thought of several ideas – a plane, a book with a globe on it among others.

Finally we settled on incorporating two key ideas. The first was putting the globe as the stand out piece. When someone sees a globe they will automatically think of different countries, cultures and experiences that go on. It is a clear indicator that this blog must have something to do with travel or different places throughout the world. It was then the idea to put this globe in the middle of a compass. Compasses will give people the impression of exploration and adventure. The two combined gives a clear indication to audiences that this is a blog that will satisfy travel and adventure needs.

The second part of the logo we had to think about was the font we were going to use. Due to blogging being an informal medium there is a lot more room for creativity. In fact, the more creative the font, the more an audience will be attracted to visit your blog. We settled on the idea of using a cursive font. This is because it gives the impression of a handwritten journal, something that is personal and gives off a human touch. Who wouldn’t want to read an adventurers journal?

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The colours of the logo were also important. The gold globe gives off the impression that this is a prestige blog. It can also be seen as somewhat as adventurous. As the blog is to do with travel the gold globe can represent treasure. We left the rest of the logo free from bold colours as it really makes the gold stand out.

This is just one of the many ideas that we have turned out. If you are a blogger looking to improve your personal brand, check out some information at our Blogger logo page. If you already have an idea, get in contact with us now.

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