Repeat Logo design logos for a whole range of companies in different fields. Job Hoppin are one of our many clients. They are a recruitment agency that aim to help people find the right job and to help businesses find the right people to work for them. Their aim is to equally help both employer and employee find the right fit so that they don’t have to. As well as recruitment services, Job Hoppin also can provide consultation. Through this service they aim to provide people with the knowledge they need so they can put some direction back in to their work life. Finally, they also offer some training to people in order to prepare them for that big job interview or their first day of work.

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Job Hoppin felt that they needed to build a stronger brand identity in order to become more successful. They sensed that if they wanted to stand out in an industry filled with competitors then they needed to do something about it. After some research on their behalf they finally found Repeat Logo. We told them that the best way of building that strong brand identity was to start with a unique, attractive logo that businesses and people alike would instantly recognise.

Job Hoppin then gave us some guidelines for our design. Their main priority was that the logo needed to be colourful. Sometimes recruitment agencies can go with safe, bland designs that are forgettable. The people over at Job Hoppin recognised this and wanted to stand out with colour. Lastly, they told us that it was important that the logo wasn’t overcomplicated – they required a simplistic design.


A lot of the time people can think that creating a recruitment logo is similar to that of a corporate one. This is a common misconception. Recruitment logos should be professional but offer more colour, character and charm than a corporate design. Job Hoppin needed to have a logo that would reflect the unique identity of their company. People should be able to instantly recognise that the logo is Job Hoppin – the recruitment agency that offers recruitment, consultant and training services.

The first element of the logo that we had to think about was choosing the right graphics. Too often you can see companies just going with initials or a symbol such as a handshake or shirt and tie. We felt this wouldn’t do for Job Hoppin. We wanted to reflect that while they were a company that needed to be taken seriously that they were also fun and full of personality. That is when we thought of a perfect symbol to go along with the name – a frog. While frogs hop around to get from place to place, people hop from job to job.

Getting the text right was the second element we needed to think about. We needed a font that was professional yet unique. Too often with recruitment companies you see the same old boring fonts that are overused. We did a bit of research on what ones to avoid and finally found the perfect fit. Something that while gives of a professional vibe, is unique and aesthetically pleasing.

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Finally, we had to choose the right colours of the logo. Ultimately we settled on blue and green. Green was chosen because it fitted well with the frog graphic. Blue was chosen as it can be seen as people as professional. Yet still offers that dash of colour that makes the logo attractive.

This is one of a few recruitment logos that have been done by Repeat Logo. If you want some more inspiration or just want to see the work that we do, check out our other designs.

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