Repeat Logo is logo design business with big ideas. Over our many years of experience, we’ve worked with clients from nearly every sector imaginable. Recently, we got talking to the team at JJS Electrical Services. Coming of an industry full of lightbulb moments, we wanted to have our very own when it came to their logo. JJS Electrical Services can provide a whole range of different electrical services, both domestic and commercial. Sometimes, tasks take a skilled pair of hands and a company with a great depth of knowledge. JJS Electrical Services are the people to go to.

With a range of skills built up by an experienced workforce, it was time for JJS Electrical Services to stand out from others in their industry with a brand new, sleek logo. What we needed was a bright, bold and strong logo to reflect the ethos and work of the business.


As a business making their way in an already competitive industry, it was of the utmost importance that this logo was bright, and memorable. We wanted to use bright colours which individuals may associate with electrical services, as well as make it professional and modern to help bolster brand image. Due to the fact that the logo may be used to market to both domestic and commercial clients, it has to fit the bill for both sides.

Within the electrical service industry, it can be much diluted due to the massive amounts of suppliers trying to get work. However, many, if not most of these companies, have outdated or shoddy logos and marketing campaigns. When starting out, it’s important to have a strong brand that is modern and which people will instantly recognise and associate with your service. We looked at trends in the electricians logos market to see what we could find and began our work based on these assumptions. The logo which we ended up with is bright and really works in the current market.


In nearly every industry, it’s important to have a really firm grasp on what your competitors are up to. If you don’t keep track of your closest rivals then how will you ever reach the top? At Repeat Logo we begin our process by carrying out in-depth competitor analysis and looking at what is going on in the electrical services industry.

From here on, we can begin to brainstorm with among the team based on the clients requests and what we have found in our research. Each team member has the chance to bring new ideas to the table. We then can begin to make some rough sketches of the logo ideas that we have come up with. There are many factors that can influence us during this creative part of the process, including desired audiences and business mantras. When we are happy with our sketches, we can make them as sleek and clean as possible before taking these back to the client for judgement time.

We took our logo ideas and designs to JJS Electrical Services and following some minor adjustments, the final design is ready. Repeat Logo take this final design and produce a whole range or marketing materials that will be ready to go immediately. We hope JJS Electrical Services enjoy having their new logo on the go!

We have done a few electrician logos now and this was one of our favourites. Bright, colourful and modern. Each of the logos we have created in this industry brought with it fresh ideas. Get in touch now to hear more on our logo options for you.

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