Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. We specialise in providing attractive logos to companies in all different industries. IT Collab were one of our clients, a business in the Information Technology sector. Based in Bristol, United Kingdom, they are a consulting company. Dealing with both business to business and business to customer. If you have any IT problems, IT Collab will be able to sort them out for you. They have dealt with issues such as computers becoming infected, faulty wiring and more. Because they are such a young company, they needed to get started in building up their brand.


Companies need to build a strong brand identity. Without a solid identity, it is more likely than not that your business won’t be successful. It is what sets you apart from your competition. One of the most competitive industries is IT. As more of our lives (both personal and professional) are dominated by technology, the need for experts in this field has risen. This has made it an ultra-competitive field. One of the best ways that you can stand out from competitors is through logo design. A logo is often the first thing consumers see about your business. With the right logo, you will entice them in.

IT Collab were a company in their infancy when they came to us. They had done research on the best ways to develop their identity as a business. One of the things that they read was that logo design was perfect for this. That is when they got in touch with us – Repeat Logo – about designing their logo. We discussed what they required from their design. We discuss with all our clients what they want from their design before we go ahead with it. This means that we can get as close as possible to what you want with our finished article.


The first stage that needs to be completed in the design process is research. We first of all needed to look in to IT Collab. The things we needed to learn were their aims/objectives, target audience and what services/products they offered. It is also important to look in to competitors. Look at what they are doing in terms of brand identity and see what is working/what isn’t. All this information worked to our advantage. This is because it gave us the best possible foundation to start designing the logo.

Once research was done, we moved on to brainstorming. This is the stage where we get creative. Starting to think of all the ideas that would work best for that certain company. We will come up with several different design ideas and narrow it down to the best one. In this case we came up with the test tube in the logo, as it would give off that IT Collab were innovative in their field.

The final stages to complete are sketching and then packaging. We sketch the design first so we can see any minor changes that need to be made. Once we feel that the design meets our high standards, then we start to package it up and send it off to you.

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This was one of a few Information Technology logo designs we have done. Each one has given us a different and exciting challenge. If you have any questions or a design idea, then get in contact with us now.

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