Repeat Logo are a professional company specialising in designing logos for business. We work with companies in all different industries and sectors to provide them with high-quality logo design. Iglu are a company in the retail sector. They specialise in selling different snow sports products such as skis and snowboards. Iglu aim to provide snow sports equipment to all different levels of difficulty. Whether you are someone just getting in to it, someone with years of experience or are even looking for children’s equipment, Iglu aim to provide you with the perfect fit. They also sell products such as winter clothing.


The retail sector is one of the most competitive industries that there is. This is because there are so many different retailers out there looking for market share. Small businesses in the industry can often suffer because the larger corporations have such a foothold on the market. That has meant that they need to get their branding right. Developing a strong brand identity has become so important to these smaller businesses. It helps them set themselves apart from other competitors as well as letting them gain a loyal customer base. Usually, developing a brand identity for a smaller business will focus on letting people know what their niche is.

However, developing a strong brand identity is not something that can be done overnight. It is a process that takes companies a long time and a lot of hard work. One of the best ways to start this process is through logo design. Your logo is going to be so important in attracting customers to use your company. It needs to be eye-catching enough to capture the attentions of consumers glancing by. It’s also important that the logo is informative and attractive enough that they are then enticed in to learning more about you as a company.


Once we had agreed to design a logo for Iglu, we began our process. The first stage of our design process is always research. We wanted to learn as much about our client as we possibly could. This includes aspects of their business such as the products/services they offer, their aims & objectives and who their target markets were. Looking in to their competitive environment would also be useful. It would give us an idea of what works in terms of logo design and branding.

After research was complete we started to get creative. In the brainstorming stage, we use all of the information gathered from our research and start to think of different ideas for our client’s logo. We needed to ensure that it would suit Iglu’s personality.

Depending on the package you have purchased, we will come up with either three, five or eight design concepts for your logo. You can then decide on which one you feel suits the needs and wants of your company. Once we had thought of these designs, we had to sketch them out. Making any minor changes we felt would improve the final product.


We then packaged up our designs and sent them to Iglu. They were delighted with the results and still use the same logo to this day. This is one of numerous retail logo designs we have completed, each giving us the same satisfaction at the end. If you have an idea or any questions for our team, contact us now.

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