Repeat Logo design logos for brands in a whole host of different industries. Hunter Yeany Racing is a brand connected to motorsport racing. Hunter Yeany is a 12 year old who is building a reputation in the world of racing. Originally from Pittsburgh he calls the GoPro Motoplex racetrack in North Carolina his home. He also races nationally across America in the SKUSA, USPKS and WKA racing series. He wants to help use his success to help raise awareness for businesses started by veterans. Making the transition from battlefield to businesses much easier while he builds on his young racing career.


Hunter Yeany Racing came to us because they needed to start to build a name for themselves. Motorsport is becoming – like most sports – increasingly commercialised. In order to gain more recognition racing drivers are having to start to build their brand as early as possible. While it may seem like 12 years old is young for someone to start their business, it is just the norm in the racing world. The first start for a strong brand identity is having a unique, eye catching logo. Logos are vitally important in motorsport as they are put everywhere – merchandise, the vehicles, uniforms and helmets are just some of the items that will have it placed on them.

Hunter and his family decided to do a bit of research and look in to logo design companies. That is when they found Repeat Logo. Because of how young the Hunter Yeany Racing team is they did not know much about logo design and building a brand identity before they spoke to us. Instead we were the ones that had to inform them about their best courses of action. That is when we mutually decided that Repeat Logo would go away and design multiple ideas for the team and come back with several options.


Because we had never dealt with racing logo design before, the primary task in the design process was to research what other brands were doing and the trends that the industry had followed over the years.

Our first decision was to make the logo a sleek, modern design. This was due to our previous research. We discovered that most racing brands had developed modern, upper class sort of designs that evoked class and high quality. We wanted Hunter to have something that would last him for a long time. The incorporation of his initials would give the logo a personal touch whilst also being professional.

The second factor we had to think about was the font we were going to use. Due to the high usage of logos in motorsport it was important that the font would look good on a number of different backgrounds and services. That is why we went with an all bold, capital letter font that was easy to read and could easily transfer to a number of backgrounds.

Lastly, we decided to not incorporate any colour in to the logo. This was because we felt it already had a sleek look to it with the black. This would also allow Hunter and his team to change it easily as it went on a number of different backgrounds.

Doing racing logo design for the first time was a great experience and both Repeat Logo and Hunter Yeany Racing were delighted with the results.

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