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Repeat Logo design logos for a whole range of companies in different industries. Good Steward Billing are a company that needed corporate logo design. Good Steward Billing (GSB) specialise in providing professional medical billing services, tailored to suit revenue cycle management needs. Their aim is to provide a solution to optimise revenue and minimise overhead costs so that your institution can focus on the things that really matter – providing great healthcare. They are based in Lynn, Massachusetts. GSB are only a small business but provide specialised services in medical billing, pharmacy billing and much, much more.


So often people feel that corporate logo design is made out to be as boring as possible – but this shouldn’t be the case. While corporate logos tend to require a more professional look, they should also be creative and stand out amongst competitors. Good Steward Billing are only a small company so branding is vitally important to them. Branding allows the company to get a head start on competitors who have greater resources than them.

That is when they discovered Repeat Logo. While doing research on how they could improve their brand, they found that logo design was a great starting point to do this. When they came to us, their logo fitted in with the stereotypes of what corporate design usually is – boring and uninspiring. We then had a sit down with the higher ups to discuss what they required. The guidelines that we received for our design were that the logo had to be. The main requirement was that it had to be dynamic and modern looking, as the old design was described as “old fashioned” and “behind the times” by their employees.


In order for Repeat Logo to design the best possible logo for Good Steward Billing, we first had to look at their competitors. By doing competitor research it would give us a good idea of a few things: what sort of designs were successful and what ones were not such a success, what sort of trends in corporate logo design were occurring and the colours that companies used.

To start of our design we first set about on designing the image that would front the logo. The final design came about when one of the members of the team was scribbling down ideas. By having a sharp, modern looking S design with red borders we found the design to be striking and futuristic. The grey background – while not colourful or arresting on the eye – helped make the logo look professional.

The second part of the design we needed to think of was the font. Nearly all corporate logos will have the company name in them. This is because they have less identity in the public world so they need people to know who they are. By using the selected font we were able to appeal to the professional target audience, whilst also making the logo look aesthetically pleasing to anyone else that may see it.

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Finally we had to choose the right colour to add an eye catching touch to the logo. We went with red because it evokes emotion in people and that is something that corporate companies don’t tend to do.

This was a great opportunity for Repeat Logo to take part in corporate logo design. For a wider look at our designs check out our “our logos” page now. If you like what you see, don’t be afraid to get in contact today!

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