Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company. We specialise in designing top quality logos for companies in all different industries. One of our clients was Frankfurt Survival, an organisation in the music industry. Frankfurt Survival are a business based in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. The company runs an annual festival in the city that attracts both locals and tourists alike. It’s a festival that is run to showcase the best rock acts that Germany has to offer. The festival has continuously grown in attendance every year and is doing all it can to keep improving. One way they have been able to attract more customers is through logo design.

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The music industry is growing increasingly competitive. This is especially the case when it comes to music festivals. More people and businesses have started to see them as a way to make money. There is now choice for festival goers than ever before. No matter what genre of music you like, there will be an array of choices all in different locations for you to choose from. This has meant that companies such as Frankfurt Survival have to build brand identity so that they can secure a market share.

A great way to build brand identity is through logo design. Logos are usually the first thing that a potential customer or investor will see about your business. It’s important that the design is attractive enough to capture their attention. A music logo needs to be memorable and instantly recognisable.

Frankfurt Survival had started to research ways to improve their attendances. That is when they discovered that a professional logo design would help to build a strong brand identity for their business. They then got in contact with Repeat Logo. We discussed the direction they wanted to take for their design and agreed to work together.


The first stage of the logo design process is research. At this stage it was important to learn about the client – Frankfurt Survival – and the market they were in. We needed to learn several things about the business. “What service do they offer? What are their aims/objectives? And who is their target audience?” were all questions that we had to find answers for. Looking in to what competitors have done in terms of logo design and brand identity is important as well. This way you can incorporate ideas that have worked, while avoiding ones that haven’t.

Once research is done it is time to move on to brainstorming. This is the stage when the creativity starts to flow. While remembering any guidelines the client has told us, we start to think of several ideas for the design. In this case we came up with the silhouetted skyline and the colours of the German flag. This was done because it kept a traditional feel to a modern festival.

We then start to sketch out the design. This is done so that we can see the logo in front of us, and are able to make any changes that we think are necessary. Once we are happy with the design we will package it up and send it off.


This is one of several music logo designs we have done, all offering a new and exciting challenge. If you have a logo idea or any questions, then get in contact with us at anytime.

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