Repeat Logo are a professional logo design. They provide new logos for companies in all different industries. Fountain Aesthetics are a company in the fitness industry. The company is based in Manchester, England and specialises in trying to get you the body you’ve been dreaming of. This is done through specially designed fitness regimes for all of their clients. No matter what your fitness or skill levels are, their dedicated staff will be able to put together a regime for you. Their name comes from combining the term “fountain of youth” with aesthetics. This gives off the feeling that you are getting a young, lasting body.

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Logo design is an important aspect of any business. It allows people to identify with your brand. This is because it helps to build up your brand identity. A logo is usually the first thing that potential customers see about your brand, and the thing that sticks in their mind the most. When you think of Disney you automatically think of Mickey Mouse, when you think of Apple you instantly think of their logo. Brand identity is especially important in a competitive industry like fitness. There are so many companies in this field that you need to be able to stand out.

Fountain Aesthetics were a young company, who were only just starting to develop their brand. This is when they decided to seek out help for their logo design. After some research, they discovered Repeat Logo – a professional logo design company. They got in contact with us to talk about a potential design. Once we had discussed what sort of direction they wanted to take their business in, we agreed to design their logo for them. We then discussed any guidelines that they had for the logo, and started to get on with our design process.


The first stage of any design process is research. When it comes to fitness logo design, it is important to know about your client (their identity, goals, niche etc.) and their competitors (what they are doing in terms of logo design). Once you have this information, you have the best possible foundation to start the actual design of the logo.

When the research was done, we moved on to brainstorming ideas for the logo. During this stage we had to keep in mind the guidelines that Fountain Aesthetics had gave us. We evaluated several different ideas for the final design, before ultimately deciding on the one that the company use today.

We then had to sketch the logo. Because this design wasn’t overcomplicated, it didn’t take long to complete. The simple design of the logo would make it easy for potential and returning customers to read and remember. Sometimes logos can try to do too much and become overcomplicated, this was something we didn’t want to happen with this design.

Finally, we packaged up the final products and sent them off to Fountain Aesthetics. Once they had received the logos, they got in contact to let us know how pleased they were with the outcome.

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This is one of four fitness logos that we have done so far. While each one provided a different approach, we have had fun with each design. If you have any questions, or an idea for a logo, then don’t be afraid to get in contact with us today.

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