Repeat Logo are a logo design company. They offer services to companies in a whole different range of industries. Everything Migrate are a consulting firm, based in the United Kingdom. Offering their services to families looking to move in to the country and move away, they have become a respected company in their field. They assist with finding homes and jobs for people, as well as obtaining visas and all the legal paperwork required. The aim is to make both emigration and immigration as easy as possible for families. They have helped people move to a number of different countries around the world, including Canada and Australia.

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While Everything Migrate had been a company for a number of years, they had become stagnant. Thanks to factors such as the recession and political tensions in the world, they found that they weren’t getting as much business as they would like. They were also met with increased competition. More companies were trying to take a bit of their market share and this had disrupted business for the company. A decision was then made by the higher ups that they would refresh the company in order to build a stronger brand identity.

The consultancy industry is huge. There are so many different companies offering all types of different services. This makes it important to stand out through good logo design. Everything Migrate did their research and found Repeat Logo – a professional logo design company. When they came to us they said they were in desperate need for a logo that would represent them as a company. This is important in consultancy logo design, because of the vast amount of companies in this sector. Everything Migrate gave us one guideline – to include their niche (migration) in the logo.


The first stage of any design process is research. We needed a detailed look at Everything Migrate itself, what logos its competitors were using and the trends in that particular industry. It is only after this stage is complete that you can move on to the actual design. This is because it gives you a strong foundation to build on.

Once the research had been done, we moved on to designing the logo. The first stage of this process was to choose the graphics that would be included in the final design. This is important in creating a brand identity, while making it easy for potential customers to recognise the field of consulting that you are in. The final design was representative of something flying away from its original source – just like migration is.

The second stage of the design process was to stand out from the competitors. This can mainly be done through fonts and the text that is included in the logo. We decided to include Everything Migrates slogan “We Make Migration Easy” on the design because it would stand out to customers – telling them exactly what the company can do for them. The font we chose had a corporate feel to it, this is because we wanted the company to look as professional as they acted.

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This was the first consulting logo design done by the team at Repeat Logo. If you like what you see, then don’t be afraid to get in touch with us now.

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