Repeat Logo are a logo design company that specialise in providing professional logos. We work with companies in all different industries – all with different needs and wants from their design. Espresso Books are a company in the retail sector. Espresso Books are a business that specialise in providing people with a place to go to read books while drinking top tier coffee. Within their store is a range of different books – both fiction and non-fiction and in a range of different genres. They are all available to read, while you get a beverage from their range of drinks.

logo for book store


There is an abundance of coffee shops in today’s world. You can’t go too far without seeing a Starbucks, and there has also been an increase in the number of independent shops as well. These businesses have capitalised in the demand for good quality coffee at affordable prices. But this has made the industry environment very competitive, with lots of different companies looking for a piece of market share. Businesses like Starbucks and Costa will always stand out, so it is important for the smaller, independent stores to have a niche that the bigger chains don’t offer.

Espresso Books had that niche – as they offered books alongside their coffee. However, although they had this niche, it was vitally important that they branded themselves the best possible way. If they didn’t get their branding right then people wouldn’t visit their store. A great way to build a brand is through logo design. It is usually the first thing about your business that a potential customer will see. It should be attractive enough to capture people’s attentions – whilst also being able to inform them of what you are offering. In this case, it was important to reflect the company’s niche.


The first stage of our design process for Espresso Books was to do some research. We wanted to learn a number of things about them as a business. This included what service/products they offered, what their aims & objectives were and who their target demographic was. It was also important to look in to what their competitors were doing in terms of branding/logo design. This way we could learn what they had done well, and what mistakes they had made. All this information would give us the best foundation to build a strong logo design.

Once research was completed, we moved on to brainstorming. Brainstorming is the stage where we start to get creative and think about several different ideas for the logo. We had to use all the information gathered in the research stage, as well as any requests that Espresso Books had made in our conversations with them.

We then had to move on to sketching out designs. This way we could get a better feel of what they were going to look like, giving us the best idea of which one suited Espresso Books the best. After showing the client our logo designs, we will then package it up and send it off.

The Repeat Logo team have done a number of retail logo designs, enjoying the challenge that each one has given us. If you have any questions, or an idea you would like to bring to us – get in contact now.

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