Repeat Logo are a company that specialise in logo design for companies in all different industries. Eleventy12 are a retail company that needed professional logo design. They are based in New Zealand and were founded in 2016 by Leanda Borrett. Specialising in assisting in publicity strategies for all different forms of media. If you are in music they will help you gain publicity across national, regional and digital platforms. If you are in film then they will assist with the campaign roll out for your movie. Whilst if you are in television then they will help with getting publicity for your show during its pre-production stage.

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Eleventy12 are a company that’s still in their infancy – having been founded in 2016. They came to us because they were yet to come up with a logo design that would best represent their business. Retail logo design is important because it is an extremely competitive industry. You need to be able to be the speck of sand that stands out on a beach. Good logos will mean that customers can instantly recognise who you are – helping create a strong brand identity for your business.

No matter what sort of retail business you are – standing out and being people’s premier choice is the most important thing to your company. This was no different to Eleventy12. When they started out they had a leader that was familiar with the industry. Giving them a strong foundation to build on. She knew that one of the best ways to start to build the brand was to get a good logo. That is when they found Repeat Logo. They contacted us and let us know who they were, and the service that they wanted.

Leanda and her team had a few guidelines for us when starting out. The first of these was that they wanted a logo that looked modern and innovative. This was because in media it is important to look forward in to the future. A modern looking logo design would mean that companies perceived Eleventy12 to be ahead of the trend. A second guideline that was given to us was that the font had to look unique, yet be easily legible for potential customers.


The most important first step in any logo design is to do the research. You need to be able to know about the company you are designing for, what their competitors are doing as well as the trends that are occurring in their industry. Once we had done this we would have the best possible starting point for our design.

The first step in our design process was to pick the right symbol for the logo. We brainstormed a lot of ideas for Eleventy12 but ultimately decided on the one that you see today. This was because we felt that it fitted in with the modern aesthetic that the company wanted as well as complementing Eleventy12’s name.

The second stage of the process was choosing the best font for the logo. We ultimately went with the rounded design because – again – it looked modern and complimented our symbol idea .Colours were then selected by Eleventy12 themselves. This is because they had already started building a brand identity with the turquoise colouring.

Eleventy 12

Retail logo design is a fun process that Repeat Logo love to do. If you have any questions or even have an idea you want to bring to Repeat Logo, get in contact now.

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