Repeat Logo are a professional logo design company that offer their services to companies in all different industries. Electrical Services are an organisation in the electrician industry. With a vast amount of experience and knowhow about the industry, Electrical Services found themselves falling behind competitors due to a lack of brand identity. They offer quality service at competitive prices and can do a range of different things. From rewiring your home to installing technologies – they will have the expertise in order to do so. They realised that the best thing to do for their business was to start building a strong brand identity.

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Building a brand identity is important in all industries. This is because it can make you more attractive and memorable to returning and potential customers. Brand identity is just as important in the electrician industry as any other. Electricians are a vital part of our lives. Often wiring and other things can be too tricky or dangerous for us to do DIY. That is part of the reason why the industry is now more competitive than ever.

Electrical Services realised that a great way to build identity was through a logo design. This is as logos are the first thing people see about a company and can cause a lasting impression. In order to become the most successful company possible your logo will have to have a strong design.

When the management team at Electrical Services got in touch they gave us some guidelines to help the design process. The first of these was that they needed a logo that could be easily transferred on to different backgrounds. This is because it will have to be put on their vehicles, across their office and on to uniforms. The second guideline they gave us was that they wanted a simpler design, as they felt overcomplicating it wouldn’t benefit the company.


The first stage when it comes to designing a logo is research. You need to make sure that you know as much about the company as possible. This includes what their brand identity is, what they want it to be, the services they offer and their reputation. Other important things to research is what their competitors are doing (in terms of logo design) as well as current/previous trends in that particular industry. Only after you have completed this process can you move on to the design.

Choosing the font for the logo was an important step. Making sure that the logo is eye catching yet still professional can be hard to balance. Using a bolder font in this logo made sure that it stood out. Yet keeping it looking sleek would make sure that people knew they were professional about their business.

Selecting the colours to be used in the logo was another tricky stage. Ultimately we decided that keeping it black and white would help with the professional look while making it easily transferable to various backgrounds. This would help them place the logo across several different aspects of their business.

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This was a fun experience for Repeat Logo. If you have an electrician logo design idea that you would like to share, get in contact with us now.

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