Repeat Logo are a business that specialise in professional logo design. We provide a design service to companies in a whole range of different sectors and industries. Cryo Concept – one of our clients – are a business in the money industry. The company has created their own cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a modern concept. These online only currencies can be used to purchase a range of different products and services on the internet. They provide the people that use them with security in buying online, as well as savings. Cryptocurrencies can fluctuate in value, in recent times they have been worth well more than the dollar.


Money has – and always will be – a very competitive industry. It is what makes our world go round, we need money for nearly every facet of our lives. This has meant that a lot of companies have tried to gain some market share. Cryptocurrencies are also a fairly new concept, and an extremely popular and valuable one. It has been no surprise that more and more companies are trying to capitalise on the success that Bitcoin has had in recent times. However, in order for the consumer to choose Cryo Concept over other companies, they needed to build a strong brand identity.

Developing a strong brand identity is important to any business in any sector. It was particularly important to Cryo Concept because they were in a young industry where companies were still competing to come out on top. Brand identity is not something that companies can instantly gain. They need to plan out thoroughly – and use time and resources – to do so. One great way to start building a brand identity is through a professional logo design. Because a logo is what consumers are going to see most, it needs to be eye-catching, attractive and informative.


Once agreeing to design a logo for Cryo Concept, we moved on to our design process. The stage that we always complete first is research. We needed to learn as much about our client as possible before we began thinking of any ideas. This would include aspects of their business such as aims and objectives, products/services and target demographics. It’s also useful to look in to their competitors. Seeing what they had done with their branding would allow us a better picture of what worked.

The second stage of our process is brainstorming. This is the stage where our team can start to get creative. We will think of design concepts for your logo by using all the information gathered in research (combined with any guidelines the client had given us).

We have three different packages on offer. Each one gives you a different number of design concepts. The Pro Package will give you three, the Advanced Package will give you five, and the Enterprise Package will give you eight. As Cryo Concept had purchased the Enterprise, we had to sketch out eight different design concepts.

Once this is completed, we package up these designs and sent them off to the client. Cryo Concept were delighted with the results and have been using one of our designs ever since. This was the first money logo design we have completed, and thoroughly enjoyed the process. If you have any questions for our team, get in contact now.

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We have a pro package, advanced package and enterprise package.