Repeat Logo are an innovative logo design company that provide businesses in all different industries. One of these clients was Creative Glutton – a home improvement company. Specialising in interior design for people’s homes, Creative Glutton has become a respected member of the home improvements industry. They offer to provide first class interior design to any rooms in the home, however, they are known for their living room designs. Offering consultation all the way through their process, they will never make a decision without asking the customers opinion first. They understand how important the home is to people.

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Creative Glutton are a fairly new company, having only existed for a few years now. However, their founding members had lots of previous experience in the industry. This gave them a good starting point to grow their business up from. One thing that they knew they were going to need to do was grow their brand identity. Brand identity is important in the home improvement industry because it allows customers a glimpse at what you do and what you stand for. If a home improvement organisation doesn’t have an attractive logo, then why would a potential customer hire them?

That is when the management team at Creative Glutton started looking for professional logo design companies to work with. Logos are a great way to build a strong brand identity because they are often the first thing any potential customer would see. Home improvement logos tend to be creative, contemporary and visually pleasing because of this. In the early stages of our partnership, we had to learn exactly what Creative Glutton wanted from their logo. The first guideline they gave us was that the logo had to be professional. This is because they wanted to give their customers a sense of how serious they were about providing the best possible service. Another recommendation given to us was that attractive colours – such as blue – should be used.


The first stage for designing a logo for a home improvement organisation – like most industries – is to first do the research. We knew what Creative Glutton wanted from their logo but now we needed to understand what would set them apart from the rest of the industry. Understanding what their competitors are doing – in terms of imagery, colours and fonts – with their logos would ultimately help us with our design.

Now came actually designing the logo. First off, we had to decide on any symbols or imagery we were going to use in the logo. We decided that we weren’t going to go down the traditional choice of using a house on a home improvement logo. This was because – while it did easily represent what they did to the customer – it had become oversaturated in use. That is when we decided to go with a more corporate, professional looking logo. This was also a guideline given to us by Creative Glutton, so both parties were happy with the decision.

We then had to pick a font and the colouring of the logo. The final choice for the font was bold, capital letters that would stand out in a crowd. Whilst also being easily legible. Different shades of blue were chosen because they evoke calmness in a customer, making the business be more inviting.

Creative Glutton logo design

Repeat Logo has done a couple home improvement logos. If you want some more inspiration or just want to see the work that we do, check out our other designs.

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