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We at Repeat Logo  design logos for a number of companies such as Covenant Realty Associates. They are a company in the property industry. Specialising in giving excellent customer service to their clients. Covenant are able to either help you find your perfect home or assist you in selling property that you need to move on from. The company was built on trust and referrals and has developed today in to a trustworthy estate agents. If you need to purchase or sell a property, Covenant Realty Associates is the place to go.


The people over at Covenant Realty Associates came to us because they wanted a logo that reflected where their business was heading. Many people felt that the previous logo was outdated and didn’t evoke any sort of feeling from potential customers. If your logo isn’t identifiable from the masses of real estate companies out there then you aren’t going to maximise business.

Covenant did their research before hiring us. They asked for a catchy and attractive logo that would be able to appeal to everyone, they also required it to be practical appropriate and simple. Overcomplicated logos can confuse people, or make them unaesthetically pleasing. There was one main requirement – the logo had to be distinctive.


We went in to designing the logo with three main points. The first of these was that the logo had to use the right graphic image. Too many property companies will use a door or home as a symbol because it is easily recognisable. We realised that this wouldn’t help Covenant stand out from a crowd as there are already a sea of house and door logos out there.

That is when we came up with the idea for the image to be two people shaking hands. This gives people the perception of business being done. The first thing that most people think of when they see a handshake is that a deal is being struck by two parties. By having this on the logo, potential customers will see it and think that this a company that is able to complete a lot of deals. Maybe they’ll do that for me. There wasn’t so much need for a home to be used as the image due to the “realty” being incorporated as well.

The second point we had to think of was using the right colours. With a property company logos need to be dynamic, attractive and professional. The main colour that we used was red. Red was already in use by Covenant and we decided to keep it. We did this because red evokes feelings such as energy, strength, power and passion in to people. It is also a colour that stands out – especially against the blue – that would make the logo more attractive.

covenant property logo design

The final pointer we had to go on was ensuring the logo was practical. One way in which we did this was through selecting the right font. We went with a futuristic, modern font because we want people to identify Covenant as a real estate agent that is both of those things. More and more house buying and selling is happening online. We needed people to realise that the company was moving forward with the times.

We had a great time developing this logo for Covenant Realty Associates. If you want to know more about how we design logos for property business or other companies, get in contact now.

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