Repeat Logo are a company that specialise in professional logo design. We provide our services to companies in all different types of industries. Coastal Cooling are a business in the transport industry. The company is based in the United States. Coastal Cooling specialise in providing refrigeration and air conditioning. They can provide the transportation of good that require refrigeration. This could be among things such as fresh food and drinks for shops/catering companies. They also have the expertise to provide transport companies with fully installed air conditioning. This is particularly helpful for public/private transport industry where lots of people are in a fairly small space.


Like a lot of other industries, the transport sector is getting increasingly larger. The industry is seeing an increase in new businesses looking for market share. This has meant that it has become more competitive. Coastal Cooling realised that they had to try and get ahead of their competitors and in the public eye. The best way to stand out from the competition is through building a strong brand identity for your business. Having a good brand identity will mean that people know what your business stands for, even if they haven’t personally used you previously.

A great way to start building this identity is through logo design. A logo is going to be the face of your company. It will be placed on your advertising, products, handbooks, offices, vehicles etc. It is important that you get the design right. It needs to be eye catching, so that it captures the attention of any potential customers that see it. It also needs to memorable enough that people can instantly see the design and link it back to your business. If your company has a niche, then that should also be clearly displayed on the logo.


Once we agreed to work with Coastal Cooling, we got to work. The first stage of our design process is to conduct some research. We wanted to learn several things about our client. Looking in to what services/products they offered, what their aims/objectives were and who their target market is would help us create the best design for them. It was also useful to look in to what any competitors had done in terms of logo design. This way we could incorporate anything that had worked for them, whilst avoiding any aspects that had not.

After we were happy with the results of our research, we moved on to next stage – brainstorming. This is when we start to become creative. We use all of the information we had learned in the previous stage, accompanied by any info or guidelines given by the client. This then gives us a great foundation to start to think of the most suitable design for that particular business.

Once a design is chosen, we then have to sketch it out. This gives us a better perspective on what the final product is going to look like. It also gives us the opportunity to make any minor changes to improve the design. We then packaged up our product and sent it off to Coastal Cooling.

We had a great time doing this transport logo design and would love the opportunity to do more. If you have any questions or an idea for your logo, get in contact with us today.

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