Repeat Logo specialise in professional logo design. No matter what industry your company is in, Repeat Logo can design the perfect logo for your business. One example of their wonderful work is when they were tasked with designing Brick by Brick’s new logo. Brick by Brick are a company in the construction industry and required a new logo. They specialise in building domestic properties such as bungalows, detached/semi-detached houses and flat blocks but have also done commercial builds in the past. Brick by Brick are a relatively small company, however, they have found themselves growing over the past few years as the demand for housing grows.

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Brick by Brick contacted Repeat Logo because they needed a fresh new logo to fit in with the direction that the business was heading in. The world’s population is forever growing and that has meant that the demand for housing has skyrocketed. This has meant that Brick by Brick had to grow quicker than they were expecting. Previously they had operated as a small business that did not employ many staff – now they are a lot bigger than they had previously expected to be.

The growth in the company alongside the competitiveness of the construction industry meant that the management team at Brick by Brick felt like it was time to rebuild their brand identity. After doing some research in to the topic of brand identity they decided that a fresh new logo would be a great starting place for their brand. That is when they found us. Once both parties decided to move ahead with the project they set out their requirements for the design.

The first guideline given to us was that the logo had to clearly reflect to people that they were a house-building company. This would allow potential customers to easily recognise what Brick by Brick done by just glancing at their logo. The second guideline given was that the company slogan/motto was to be incorporated in to the design. They felt that having “innovating dreams to reality” had a positive reflection on their company and would attract more attention.


Now that we had spoken to Brick by Brick and knew what they wanted, we then had to do our own research. It is important in any logo design for a business to know what their competitors are doing. As well as looking at the current and previous trends of logos in their sector. This gave us a good idea of how to move forward with our design.

The first part of the design process was choosing the best colours for any design. While this may be a hard part of design it can also be one of the most fun. Being able to get creative is a major reason why everyone at Repeat Logo wanted to be a part of the industry. For Brick by Brick we finally settled on using different shades of red/maroon – colours that resembled that of a brick. This would help the logo stand out whilst also being instantly recognisable as a construction company.

Selecting the right font was the second part of the logo design. Choosing the right font can be the difference between a good logo and a great one. Fonts for construction companies need to be professional, easily legible but also stand out. Getting all these factors right is vital to the design.

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Lastly we had to choose a symbol for the logo. We went with the outline of a house. This would make it clear to potential customers as to what sort of business Brick by Brick are. Whilst also being memorable and eye catching as well.

Repeat Logo loved doing construction logo design and would like the opportunity to do it again. If you need a logo for your business, get in touch today!

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