Repeat Logo are a company that deal with professional logo design. They will design logos for all businesses, no matter what industry they are in. Boxhandschuh Profi are a business in the fitness industry. They are a business based in Germany, providing fitness solutions to the general public. Boxhandschuh specialise in training people in the sport of boxing. They will train people of all different talent levels. From those of us that have little boxing experience and just use it to keep fit, all the way through to more experienced athletes who have strict regimes. The dedicated staff at Boxhandschuh Profi are trained to deal with all levels.

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Logo design is important for all companies, no matter what industry they are in. This is because it helps build a brand identity for your business. Brand identity can help you set yourself apart from the competition. If you have a logo that stands out and captures the attention of a potential customers, then you are more likely to gain their business. Logo design is even more important in the fitness industry because it can let people know your niche. In a world where fitness companies have become somewhat oversaturated, having people know exactly what you do in an instant is important.

The people at Boxhandschuh Profi did their research. They realised that the best way to improve the amount of business they were getting was through a fresh logo. That is when they discovered Repeat Logo. Once they got in contact with us, we started discussing the parameters for the design.

The first guideline that Boxhandschuh gave us was that they needed their niche on the design. They specified that they didn’t mind what the symbol would be – as long as it clearly represented that they dealt with boxing. The second guideline was that the main colour for the logo would be red. This was because this was the predominant colour for their gym and merchandise.


he first stage of any design process is to do your research. This will include researching the company that you are designing for (background, brand identity, goals, target audience etc.) and competitors (what they are doing in terms of logo design – what works for them, and what doesn’t). This will give you the best possible foundation to start drawing up designs.

Once the research stage is done, we then had to move on to brainstorming ideas. By using the guidelines that Boxhandschuh had already gave us, we knew that we had to incorporate boxing in to the logo. The main focus of the brainstorming was to decide on what sort of symbol we would use. While there was several options – such as a boxing ring or winner’s belt – we ultimately decided on boxing gloves as they were the most instantly recognisable.

We then had to draw up the design for the client. At this stage we had to make sure that we were incorporating enough red in to the design to satisfy the client’s needs. Once this stage was done, we packaged up our designs and sent them off to Boxhandschuh Profi.

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We have done several fitness logos and enjoyed designing every single one of them. If you have an idea for a logo, or simply have any questions then get in contact with us now.

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