Repeat Logo are a logo design company. We have vast experience in designing professional logos for business in all different types of industries. Boxed Collective are a company in the retail sector. The company are based in Atlanta, USA. They specialise in supplying unique gifts. Boxed Collective has a large variety of products and is happy to be able to have clients in all different areas – including corporate, housewarming, weddings and more. The company was founded because they saw the rise in more unique, personalised gifting – rather than buying people commercial, factory produced products. Boxed Collective are able to give you a high quality, unique gift to give to someone.

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The market that Boxed Collective operate in has always been a competitive one. There has – and always will be – a demand for gifts to give to loved ones and acquaintances. However, in recent years there has been more of a shift towards more personalised and unique products rather than mass produced ones. This has seen a rise in more of these types of companies, making it more important than ever to have a strong brand identity in order to stand out.

A great way to build up brand identity is through an exciting, new logo design. This is because a logo is usually the first thing that a potential customer will see about your business. It has to be attractive and informative enough to entice them in. A good design will make people stop in their tracks in order to either use or learn more about your company. Logos should also be distinctive enough that people instantly recognise it and associate it with your brand and values.

Boxed Collective had done some research online to see how to improve their brand identity. That is when they got in contact with Repeat Logo. We then began to discuss what they wanted and needed from their logo design.


The first stage of any design process is to do the research. It was vital to the final design that we learned about Boxed Collective as a company. Important things that should be learned about the business include their target demographic, their aims & objectives and the service or products they offer. It’s also informative to look in to what competitors are doing with their logo design. This way you can use any aspects that work, while staying away from aspects that haven’t. This will give a good foundation to build on.

Once research was completed, we were able to move on to the creative stage of the process – brainstorming. This is when we get the creative juices flowing and start to think of different ideas for the design. We had to keep in mind any information that Boxed Collective had gave us, as well as using what we had learned in the research stage.

After we had chosen the best and most suitable design we sketch it down. This gives us a better feel for the logo, as well as allowing us to make any minor changes that will improve the final outcome. We then packaged up our design and sent it off to Boxed Collective.

Boxed Collective

This design is just one of numerous retail logo designs we have completed over the years. We would love the opportunity to do more. If you have an idea for a logo or any questions, then get in contact with us at any time.

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